For decades, students from around the world and across Europe, have descended on the University campuses of Valencia, and it is clear to see why.  Valencia is a student paradise and has so much to offer young ones just setting off in the world.  As Spain’s third largest city, it combines a blend of vibrant city life, with a relaxing beach holiday; as well as having sunny weather all year round, a rich history of culture, fantastic universities, stunning beaches and of course, delicious food.

Still, need more convincing? Below are four of the biggest reasons why a student should choose Valencia as a destination to study.

Beach Life All Year Round

There is no greater feeling when you arrive on holiday and can head off to the beach for the first time.  By choosing Valencia as a destination for studying you will be within a short journey to a beach all year round.  Unlike some universities in Spain, at the University of Valencia, you will be located within a short walking distance to miles and miles of golden sandy beaches, where you can study while listening to the sound of the waves. If that wasn’t enough, along with the boardwalk at the beach you will have no shortage of choice of student bars to sit, relax and have a cocktail while watching the sunset over the blue sea.


Accommodation is Value for Money

We have all experienced our fair share of student accommodation disasters. However, a benefit of studying abroad, and in particular Valencia, is that the accommodation on offer can be of the highest quality.  With providers such as Collegiate, students studying in Valencia have the chance to stay at accommodation which is far from the standard student flat. With games rooms, sun terraces, fitness suites and much more, all for a reasonable price, the Collegiate student accommodation in Valencia will feel more like a community.


A City Bursting in Culture

Valencia is a city with a rich history, which at times will have you feeling you have just stepped back a few centuries.  Around the city, there is historical buildings dotted around, as well as traditional cobbled streets underfoot along the route. With science museums, Oceanografic, Plaza del Mercado and many more top sights to be explored, there will be lots to keep you occupied when not nose deep in your studies.




A Foodies Dream

We have all heard of the infamous Spanish dish of Paella, however, did you know its roots date back to mid-19th Century in Valencia. With such an iconic food creation linked to the city, students will find wonderful paella restaurants around every corner of Valencia.

Look out for restaurants taking orders the day before, they are usually the most authentic and delicious. However, Valencia has far more than just being the birthplace for Paella to offer.  Foodies will love the orange and aniseed pastry, Pestinos, which is found in bakeries across the city.