Indonesia is the largest and most changed archipelago on Earth and Indonesian food is internationally renowned brimming with intense flavours. With 6,000 islands, there are numerous local claims to fame, yet wherever you are in Indonesia, most meals including breakfast are based around rice. Seared rice (nasi goreng) is viewed as the national dish of Indonesia and can be discovered all around the streets and in restaurants. There are 10 top Indonesian dishes to try…


There are bunches of toppings presented with Indonesian dishes and a common one is Sambal, this is a simple formula for one using chilli and shallots.


  • Pound the chilies, shallots, garlic and tomato in a mortar and pestle until a fine glue.
  • Heat a little oil in fry pan and sauté the glue mixing until fragrant.
  • Remove from warmth and season with salt and lime juice


Satay is a modern Indonesian and Malay spelling of satisfy, is a dish of seasoned, pierced and flame broiled meat, presented with a sauce. Satay is made of cubed meat that are speared in kebab style, then flame broiled and eaten with a peanut sauce dip



Bakso presented with bihun (rice vermicelli) and fricasseed wonton. Bakso or baso is Indonesian meatball, or meat glue produced using hamburger surimi. Its composition is like the Chinese hamburger ball, fish ball, or pork ball. The term Bakso could allude to a solitary meatball or the entire dish of meatballs soup.


Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng, the national dish of Indonesia, translates as “singed rice.” in Indonesia Nasi Goreng is a breakfast food! this zesty chicken and shrimp seared rice is customarily served at home, by road merchants, in eateries and in lodgings for breakfast.



Gudeg is a customary Javanese food from Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia. Gudeg is produced using youthful unripe jack natural product boiled for a few hours with palm sugar, and coconut milk.


Balado terong

Balado terong is one of popular sambal formulas in Indonesia. “Balado” is for the most part found in Padang claims to fame which refer to hot dishes. There are numerous approaches to make Terong Balado, yet the essential flavours are the same, just some of the time you can add dried anchovies too to make it tastier.


Ayam goreng

Ayam goreng is a nonspecific term to refer to different sorts of Indonesian and Malaysian dish of chicken deep fried in coconut. Ayam goreng truly means “fried chicken” in Indonesian and Malay



Perkedel is Indonesian fricasseed patties, made of ground potatoes, minced meat, peeled and ground corn or minced fish. Most basic Perkedel are produced using mashed potatoes



Gado-gado a blend of vegetables, shrimp or fish crackers with shelled nut sauce. It is frequently named as the Indonesian serving of mixed greens.


Opor Ayam

Opor ayam is a chicken cooked in coconut milk from Indonesia, especially from Central Java. Spice mixture include galangal, lemongrass, cinnamon, tamarind juice, palm sugar, coriander, cumin, candlenut, garlic, shallot, and pepper.

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