As a family with two children, I fully appreciate the stress of traveling abroad with children in tow, especially when they are under 4 years old. This week I spotted a great infographic that I wanted to share with readers which caught my eye. The infographic was created by Brittany Ferries and looks at traveling with a family to Western France by cross channel ferry vs flying and highlights the advantages a ferry offers for family travel.

As you can see, choosing the ferry gives the freedom of:

  • taking your own car to France packed with everything you need
  • avoid the hassle of airports, long queues, excess baggage charges and lengthy check-in times
  • enjoy more fun things to do such as whilst traveling rather than being couped up on a airplane such as relaxing stylish bars and lounges, kids’ play areas and shopping.
  • one of the biggest selling points for choosing the ferry to France for me is the fact a family can get a good night’s sleep in the comfort of an en-suite cabin.

To find out more about taking the ferry to France via Britanny Ferries visit: