Asia is the largest continent in the world, and this is certainly reflected in the amount of islands there are to go and visit. Indonesia alone has 20,000 islands! Their culture, weather and scenery are all contributors to why Asia draws in so many globetrotters. But for any aspiring traveller to the East, where to begin? Here are the top ten Asian islands that you should plan to go and see.

1. Langkawi

Langkawi is a beautiful green island just off the coast of Malaysia. The island has some of the most incredible white sand beaches the world can offer, a perfect retreat for relaxing. When you are finished recharging, you can also go and witness the incredible sights from the bridge towering over the jungle tree tops.


2. Pom Pom Island


This tiny island is set in the Celebes Sea, so is a great place to spot turtles in their natural habitat. This, and the fact it is right on the Coral Reef makes it a very desirable place for keen scuba divers to go and visit.


3. Bali

This beautiful Indonesian retreat is much more lively than some of the other more recluse islands. This makes it a favourite among travellers. Be sure to be well prepared before you go to in order to avoid Montezuma’s Revenge or Bali Belly though!


4. Komodo Island

Yes, this is where the real life dragons are from! As well as giving the Komodo dragon its name, this island is also famous for its huge national park. The park spans multiple islands and protects numerous species, like the turtle, Komodo dragon, and many fish.


5. Maldives


The Maldives are an all time favourite for honeymooners. White sandy beaches and complete isolation from reality makes this the ultimate romantic destination. The islands are located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, completely secluded! Seriously affected by rising sea levels, this destination is a precious one, as it might not be around for much longer!


6. Phuket

This mountainous Thai island is another hotspot for tourists looking to travel East for the holidays. Attractions here include the Two Heroines Monument and the Thalang National Museum.


7. Havelock Island

This is one of the most beautiful Indian islands, having the best-named beach in India ‘Radha Nagar Beach’ in 2004. You can even take a ride down the beach on an elephant, an experience you would struggle to find in many other places!


8. Koh Tao

This is another Thai island offering beauty, seclusion and sun all year round! Things to do here include snorkelling, water sports and climbing.


9. Phi Phi Islands

It’s towering jungle over sandy beaches really makes this island truly amazing! This retreat is the perfect balance for most tourists, secluded but also a little bit of bustle at night!


10. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a much larger island than the majority in this top ten. There are plenty of reasons to visit, including the chance to see some amazing wildlife and try some fantastic food!