If you’re a keen skier who fantasises about fresh powder and adrenaline fuelled rushes, you’ll know there’s a mountain of tech you can use to get every last inch and exhilarating moment out of every run. It’s easy to get lost in an avalanche of gimmicks but don’t despair as you get ready for your next trip, here are ten top gadgets and apps that’ll elevate your descent this year.

  1. Ski tracks

Nowadays, skiing tech is everywhere on the slopes. Ski Track will record all your data automatically on your runs using GPS to get your stats to compare afterwards with your buddies such as times, speeds and even a friend finder so you can meet up again quickly for another run.

  1. iSurvive: The Ultimate Emergency Rescue App

If you’re a mountain or cross country skier, iSurvive could be a life saver- literally! It’ll send out a message as a distress call if you get into a sticky situation out there to a predetermined contact and even give warnings if it senses you’ve been inactive too long.

  1. Skifit

If you’re looking to tone up so you’re not be one big bruise after your first day back out again this season, SkiFit is a specially designed program to get you physically prepared so your first time back isn’t’ a whitewash.

  1. SkiLynx

Perfect for those going skiing with friends, SkiLynx lets you chat with your gang wherever you are on the mountain while giving map locations of where everyone is at the time. Ideal for organising a meet up after your session and seeing if the guy who’s always late is really ‘on my way’.

  1. Tile

A tough little Bluetooth stick, attach Tile to your gear. It makes your phone beep if motion is detected while you’re sat down and your Skis are stored. Meanwhile, if you take a tumble and lose a ski, it’ll beep increasingly until you locate it.

  1. Carv

A great way for even experienced skiers to hone their skills with this video game style foot sensor. Carv gives you instructions on how to improve your technique with feedback sent to your earpiece. In addition, fun games can be played to practice just for the hell of it.

  1. Dahu

Dahu is a clever ski boot made of two individual parts. When you’re not skiing and enjoying some off-slope activities, simply wear the soft inner boot. When it’s time to ski, clip on the cool exoskeleton.

  1. Small Foot

An indestructible pair of inflatable snow shoes. Perfect for off-piste skiers who don’t want to spend their energy and ski time knee deep.

  1. Ski Taker

A clever clip you attach to your boot which you can use to walk with your skis rather than awkwardly dragging them or hitting people as you turn round. Easy and safe.

  1. Wolfpack

An ingenious backpack that you can flip to get at your gear without taking it off. Also great for quick on and offs at the lift.