The capital of Ireland, Dublin is one of the most scenic and historic cities in the world. If you are about to visit Dublin, here are ten things that you absolutely can’t miss.

1) Dublin Castle

Dublin has always held significant economic, cultural and military value to the country. With a history as long as Dublin’s, that certainly means there was a castle. The Dublin Castle was built as the centre of British rule in Ireland. In addition to the grandeur of the architecture, the castle is home to multiple museums.

2) St. Patrick’s Cathedral

If there is one thing that is commonly associated with Ireland, it is the strong ties the country has had to Catholicism. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is Ireland’s largest cathedral and it has all the splendour you might imagine with the title. Angelic choral concerts are common and worth catching if it fits in your schedule.

3) Leo Burdocks

When you are in Ireland, one of the foods you have to have is the classic fish and chips. If you are going for fish and chips, you can’t miss Leo Burdock’s. Not only is the food simply extraordinary, but their celebrity hall of fame includes a huge roster of names who’ve stopped by and had their outstanding delicacies.

4) The Molly Malone Statue

“Cockles and Mussels” is a famous local ballad that has become the unofficial anthem of Dublin. This statue was erected to commemorate the song and the central character in the song Molly Malone. In addition to seeing a bit of Dublin’s cultural history, legend has it that grabbing a handful of the statue’s ample bosom is good luck!

5) Trinity College

Some of the world’s most stunning architecture rests on this historic college campus in Dublin. Founded, in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth, the campus is literally dripping history and has been the inspiration for many a work of film and literature. Also, if you are visiting in the summer, you can see students occasionally playing a game of cricket on campus.

6) Phoenix Park

If you thought Central Park was impressive for a park in an urban space, you definitely will be in for a surprise when you see Phoenix Park. The largest enclosed urban park in all of Europe, this is literally double the size of Central Park!

7) National Gallery of Ireland

If you have any interest in art, you have to visit the National Gallery. It includes one of the world’s largest art collections and features Irish artists in addition to works from all over the world. Their collection includes 2,500 paintings and over 10,000 other works.

8) The Royal Marine Hotel

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to stay in one of the most historic of the Dublin hotels, the Royal Marine is still worth a visit. It has seen the likes of royalty and is a beautiful and truly historic hotel.

9) Kilmainham Gaol

For history buffs, there is no more important stop. This tells the tale of the country of Ireland and is the site where the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising were executed here. Steeped in the lore of the country.

10) Guinness Store House

Saving the best to last, there is no such thing as a complete trip to Dublin without visiting the Guinness Store House. So popular and so enjoyable, it’s likely you’ll visit more than once!

This just scratches the surface on what Dublin has to offer. If Dublin wasn’t on your must-see list before, it absolutely has to be now.