You’ll never forget your first time in New York City and here we feature what you should see and do in the city that never sleeps. New York City is a top tourist destination due to the wide range of interesting activities, sights and historical features. While it is a great city to explore and enjoy, certain aspects of the city visitors should never miss. The best first trip should always include a few key stops and activities that are an integral part of the Big Apple.

Visit the Historical Sights

New York City is famous for its rich history. Among the must-see historical landmarks are the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Empire State Building. These historical destinations are great attractions that bring in visitors from around the world each year. While visitors to New York City might not see every historical landmark on the first visit, taking time to plan a visit to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty is a must for anyone coming to the city.

Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty

Walk in Central Park

Central Park is a premier destination for visitors. Tourists can enjoy visiting the Central Park Zoo, ice skating during the winter months and a ride in a carriage for the more romantic. Even a simple walk through the park is peaceful and provides plenty of interesting activities along the way.

Visitors to Manhattan will want to take the time to see Central Park on the first visit and any future visits because activities are constantly changing. From biking in the summer to snow-related activities in the winter, Central Park has something for everyone.

Central Park

Take a Walking Tour

Walking tours are available for visitors who are interested in seeing the city through the eyes of a local. The tours differ based on interest, but can range from food tours to historical tours that explore different areas of the city and the features that make certain locations stand out.

Those who enjoy trying out new food should consider a walking tour that visits the restaurants in different areas. It provides the opportunity to taste different foods in a particular area of the city and provides some advice about the best places to eat.

See a Play on Broadway

The most famous theatres in the world are found in New York City. With Broadway plays that are constantly changing, it is possible to enjoy classics and newly created productions during the trip. Anyone who is visiting New York City for the first time should take one evening of the trip and set it aside for a Broadway show. It is an experience of a lifetime and the best stage actors and actresses in the world are found in the Big Apple.

Enjoy the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a premier destination for any visitor to New York City, even if art is not a primary interest. The museum features classical art and modern art for a wide range of interesting paintings, sculptures and artistic pieces that will provide an interesting tour.

Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

For those who want something a little off the normal tour, visiting the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is a sure way to see something interesting and different. The museum focuses solely on cartoon and comic art rather than the normal artistic styles.

New York City has something to offer any visitor, but certain sights are a must-see attraction for the first visit. Taking time to enjoy some of the walking tours, interesting museums and attractions with historical significance will make the trip worth the time and expense.