Let’s face it: some people like their winter vacations to be calm, peaceful getaways. They enjoy curling up in a lodge and having hot cocoa while looking out the window at a beautiful snowy landscape.

Without a doubt, this sport was not intended for homebodies!

Heli skiing in BC (British Columbia) is an unforgettable experience for adventurers! This new and dynamic sport allows enthusiasts to venture far from the beaten path of the ski slopes most often frequented by tourists. Most skiers swear by the experience because it allows access to freshly powdered snow—unlike the packed or over-skied snow at most ski resorts. The most exciting thing is that you approach a mountaintop from a helicopter instead of a ski lift. Any sport that involves a helicopter has to be fun, right?

When it comes to ideal locations, Golden and Revelstoke, British Columbia offer prime environments for superior slopes. The ideal terrain has powdered snow, a natural descent, and a steep slope. Enjoying the thrill of natural environment can bring adventure seekers a tremendous amount of pleasure.

This land is beautiful and serene and a winter sport enthusiast’s playground all at once, and is the domain of one of the best heli skiing companies in the world — Great Canadian Heli Skiing — which is also a great resource to use when thinking about getting involved in the pastime.

In order to feel up to the excitement of the terrain, skiers should feel comfortable on the typical intermediate and advanced ski runs of a typical resort. Once you feel confident in these types of runs, start checking out some introductory articles online, but don’t worry—nothing is too complicated or advanced.

This activity is also ideal for small groups of friends or family. If many people in your group may want to do multiple runs rather quickly, this isn’t a problem; the best resorts employ zippy helicopters and experienced pilots, who are able to ferry guests from the bottoms to the tops in no time at all.It’s always a good idea to be fit before taking on the adventure, but that’s nothing new for any seasoned thrill seeker!

It’s always wise to invest in top of the line gear for your heli skiing adventure. The proper clothing consists of multiple layers, which will provide warmth in sub-zero temperatures. Goggles, hats, gloves and neck warmers obviously should be worn. Guides will equip you with everything you’ll need to be fully prepared for all that the mountains offer. Many skiers also prefer a thicker type of ski that is off-piste, powder, free ride, or mountain.

So shake up your boring winter vacation with a Canadian adventure that you will never forget! Good thing, too—with so much mind-blowing natural beauty, invigorating air, and the raw adrenaline and speed of your descent, you might even forget to snap the perfect picture.