Riding the waves, feeling the spray and experiencing a rush like nothing else. There are few things as exciting and invigorating as water sports. From water-skiing to wakeboarding, it’s an integral part of a beach holiday. It can also be a good excuse to visit a lovely, sunny beach. But if you’re new to it all, it can be hard to figure out how to organise such a trip. You can wing it, but you’re far from likely to get the best experience. There’s the danger of injury, a bad location, spending tons on bad equipment and more. So we’ve set up this short guide to help you have the best possible experience on the waves.

As much as if you were going skydiving or snowboarding, you need to consider the health risks of water sports. With the right services and keeping our following advice in mind, it’s likely you’ll have a safe, fantastic experience. That said, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. Insurance is certainly one thing you’ll need for that. Make sure you’re covered and follow this guide to save money as you do.





It might seem like a no-brainer that you need a beach for good water sports. That’s not necessarily the best place if you’re looking for the sheer thrills that a really good location can give, however. Consider researching the best locations for whatever water sport you’re interested in. There are places better than others for wakeboarding, surfing or water-skiing. You don’t want to spend all that money just to get out to a location that offers next-to-nothing in terms of excitement on the water. We have a lot of love for Australia’s beaches, too, so that’s always a good country to consider.




Buying equipment on-site isn’t always a good idea. You can be charged a bomb by the services offering them for goods that are not always of the highest quality. Visit a store that specialises in offering sporting goods such as water-skiing and wakeboard life jackets. We know you don’t want to pay a bomb. You also need to make sure you have the absolute best in water sporting equipment, especially if you’re planning on making a hobby out of it. Dedicated stores can offer that balance.




As important as making sure you have the right safety equipment is having all the necessary aspects of your personal safety in mind. This site covers many of the major aspects of what to consider every time you take to the waves. The sea can be a dangerous place and being fore-warned is the best way to take it on when you finally set out.


This might seem like a lot to consider, but we highly recommend going for it. Sports like wakeboarding and surfing are some of those things that remain of peoples’ bucket lists but never get crossed off. We have no doubt that, once you follow our tips and get out onto the water, you’ll be hooked. So be safe, have fun and we’re sure we’ll see you out in the waters somewhere.