Finally, the time for your well-deserved vacation has come, and you are packing your suitcases and bags for the trip. Stereotyping here a little but like any woman, you carry too many things! even though you’re aware that you probably won’t need half of it. Ladies tend to exaggerate when packing. Following the tips from this link, you can easily avoid the trap of overpacking.

The way of packing a backpack depends on many factors such as size, opening method, number of pockets and other compartments, etc. But in the end, some general rules always apply. A well-packed backpack allows for two things. First, to have all the stuff you need at your fingertips, and second, to keep your luggage as light as possible while on feet.

What Not to Pack

It maybe easier to start packing by separating things that don’t go in your backpack. That primarily refers to money and documents. Do not keep any of them in your pack, especially not in any of the outer pockets.

Things of importance should be by your side (literally), in the pocket of your pants or small, practical bag that fits around your arm or neck. That way, you will always keep an eye on them. In case of losing or stealing your luggage, at least you’ll be able to return home.

In general, if you are going on an active vacation that involves long walks or a stay in nature, make sure you carry as little money as possible with you. Bring only cash that you’ll need for your basic spending on food, water, cigarettes, etc.

List of Necessities

It’s super handy if you can pack all your things in one backpack. Any additional bag or case in your hands or over your shoulder seriously frustrates and reduces mobility, and increases the risk of losing it. To make it easier for you to carry your luggage, on your back, bring only necessary things.

You can find cosmetics in special small packages intended for travel. Keep in mind that you are going on an active vacation. You will certainly not have time for long showers, using a loofah, putting conditioners and masks on your hair, etc. Shampoo and soap are all you need.

For tips on how to bathe whilst in nature, read here:

The rest, if needed, will undoubtedly be available along. Even if you are going to the wilderness the way, you can always find a store or corner shop. It is unnecessary to pack vast supplies of food in a backpack, but it is advisable to bring enough water.

Instead of a bunch of laundries, bring some quality pieces that you can wash manually. Always carry a warmer upper part of clothes. In case you still get cold, you can always buy some clothing in the flea market or the second-hand shop.

If you already have to carry something in a particular plastic bag, let it be food and water. Even if you lose these along the way, that won’t endanger your vacation or put you in a bad mood. Make sure you always have some plastic bags with you. They’re pretty useful to carry your garbage or to put away dirty clothes.

Packing Order

The average weight of a backpack that people pack for a holiday is about 40 pounds. It’s quite a load on your back, even if you’re in top shape. The luggage should be evenly spaced, and the items adequately positioned so they won’t pinch or stab you while walking.

The heaviest things should find their place at the bottom of your backpack. These are mostly sleeping bags, tents, and a warm wardrobe. In specialised outdoor shops, you can buy appropriate fasteners that can attach the canvas to the outside of the backpack, and thus get extra space inside.

The next packing ‘layer’ is made up of thinner wardrobes and towels. You can put there a phone charger, a flashlight, or any of the little things you need to stay in the outdoors. If you can’t do without your laptop, even while in nature, carry it in a backpack, laid on your back.

On the top, you should put the most necessary things to avoid tossing your whole backpack. A water bottle, a few chocolate bars, toilet paper, and a camera are some of the essentials that you should have on hand.

Maximise Use of Outer Pockets

Some of the most popular travel backpacks for women have a large number of compartments and outer pockets. They are meant for the little necessities that every lady carries with them. These places are reserved for everything that doesn’t take up much space but can be very useful: the already mentioned small cosmetics and other hygiene packs, wet wipes, and anything you may suddenly need.

When packing items in your backpack pockets, you should estimate weight distribution well. If you happen to pack more weight on one side, there will be more strain on your back, and this can knock you off balance. It will be harder for you to walk, and it can further cause unpleasant back pain.

Don’t Forget Water Protection

You never know what weather conditions you can expect while in nature. So be sure to bring something that can protect you from the rain, at least for a short while, until you find shelter. Travel backpacks are usually sold with waterproof covers that you put on when it starts to rain.

For extra protection, you can pack the things you put inside in plastic bags. Squeeze the air out of them to get extra space. For the gadgets you brought (camera, laptop), we recommend you buy specialised waterproof bags as they are much safer than regular bags.

If planning an active vacation, forget about suitcases. A better and more rational option is to pack the entire luggage in a backpack. You have to organise your stuff so that everything fits in it. It should contain what is necessary for a comfortable trip and what you may need along the way.