I’m lucky enough to have holidayed on a few of the Greek islands and found that each Greek island has its own unique charms. For those looking to slow things down to a blissful crawl, nowhere comes close to the Greek island of Sifnos.

Sifnos is widely regarded as the single most stunning Island of the Cyclades and until recently was overlooked by holidaymakers. The result is a beautiful relaxed setting where low-key night-life, beautiful beaches and an air of true relaxation await. Or in other words, it’s a world away from the crowded, cramped and chaotic tourist resorts much of Greece is synonymous with during the summer.

Accommodation in Sifnos 

As with most of Greece, accommodation options range from the spectacularly cheap to sheer luxury with all bases covered in-between and Sifnos is no different in that respect. Verina Sifnos is one example of luxury holidays in Greece with a handful of stunning boutique hotels to choose from on the island including activities such as yoga, walking, pottery and boat trips.

The moment you arrive on the island, the magic of the place gently settles over you. Just take a look at their Instagram page here to fall in love with this place.

When to Go

Unsurprisingly, a secret this fabulous was never going to stay hidden forever. Over recent years, the annual influx of visitors to Sifnos has been growing steadily as word begins to spread. So while it’s most certainly not as overcrowded as most comparable resorts, it does tend to get quite busy during the month of August.

Still, with so many incredible beaches to try out during your stay, you’ll always find a quiet spot to yourself.
If possible, the much quieter periods toward the late spring and late summer make the most incredible times to visit.

What to Do

Relaxation is the order of the day and life really does appear to move at a much slower pace. Activities and entertainment around Sifnos centre on the island’s breath-taking coastline, which along with the usual array of sunbathing and water-sports serves up endless opportunities for walking and hiking. Cycling is also an absolute pleasure across Sifnos, while the historic Seven Settlements make for an unmissable exploration of the island’s past.

The beaches are undoubtedly the highlights for sun-seekers, while Panagia Chrissopigi is an absolute must for an afternoon stroll. Trip Advisor is always a great place to start for inspiration on things to do and places to see.

One of my favourite things to do in Sifnos was to wander around the picturesque streets with my camera, taking photos and exploring.

Those on the lookout for a yoga holiday in Greece will find their tastes catered to in spades on this island of peaceful tranquilities. The stunning towns of Kastro, Vathi, Kamares, Apollonia and Heronissos all warrant a few hours for lazy exploration – each being just as enchanting and atmospheric during the evening.


The cuisine of Sifnos is beyond incredible and is considered to be more advanced than in other areas of Greece. This is largely due to the island’s history as an important producer of pottery, meaning that while the rest of Greece was still cooking using mainly skewers, these folks were already experimenting with stews, casseroles, soups and so on. If it’s served in a pot, you can guarantee it will blow your mind!

Unsurprisingly, the seafood is absolutely incredible to say the very least, as too is the local lamb and beef. The rule of thumb being to walk a little further afield than the busier tourist taverns and keep an eye on where the locals eat!


Not sure where Sifnos is then let Google maps help you…