Booking last minute ski holidays can be incredibly gratifying – knowing that in just a couple of weeks, you’ll be jetting off for the slopes during the height of the season to enjoy the snow and après ski facilities as much as possible. If you find yourself booking a spontaneous last minute deal, you may feel like you’re leaving things a little late but there’s not need to stress! Take a look at this quick checklist of essentials so that, no matter how soon you’re flying to your chosen resort, you won’t forget anything.


This will depend on how advanced you are. Beginners and intermediates will likely hire their kit once they’re in the resort rather than lugging equipment through airports with them. Advanced skiers and snowboarders may have their own equipment. If you are planning to hire equipment, make sure you organise this before you arrive in the resort to take advantage of any advance deals also save you a lot of time when you’ll be eager to hit the slopes.


Whether you board, or ski, you will need suitable clothing so that you stay warm and protected on the slopes. A ski jacket, ski or board pants, thermal layers and some warm, thick socks are essential. A hat, gloves, goggles and neck-warmer are also incredibly handy.


When you’re not traipsing around town in your ski boots, you’ll need some suitable footwear to cope with the snow and ice. Something with a good grip would be perfect.


It’s amazing how quickly you can burn on the slopes so remember the sun cream – and it’s always expensive in ski resorts so bring some with you!


Books, music, iPad; anything to keep you occupied during the evenings when you’re not out appreciating the après ski facilities!

With most ski resorts being perfectly suited for visitors, there’s bound to be a shop (or several) if you do end up forgetting any of your must-have bits and pieces but with this checklist, you should be all ready to go!