If you’re looking for a great holiday this year, then why not look at Canada for some ideas? Canada is one of those countries that really does offer absolutely everything and whatever type of holiday you’re after, you’ll find it here with so many different regions to choose from.

If you’re looking for something a little more active and adventurous, you’ll love Canada. Kayaking, white water rapids, climbing, skiing, and so much more are all on offer in various areas of the country. The Rocky Mountains are hugely popular for climbers, walkers, and hikers. There are even some daring cycling tracks you can follow to push your fitness to the limits. Canada is a great option if you’re looking to stay active and improve your health.

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The wilderness of Canada is as wild as you can find. This is home to huge numbers of wildlife species as well as some of Canada’s best plant species too. You can often find cabins in the woods that can be rented for a holiday. But many people like to try camping. Much of the Canadian wilderness is protected, but there are plenty of designated camping areas and trekking routes to try.

If you’re flying into Canada, it’s worth checking out the Canada eTA information regarding the documentation you might need. Nobody wants to be caught out with security or customs, so make sure you know what you need. There are several large airports to choose from as well as many more smaller, regional ones. It depends where you want to be for your holiday. For a hassle-free holiday, why not arrange a limousine to pick you up from your flight?

There is plenty of coastline to explore during your stay in Canada. You can make the most of the beaches on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. And if you love the water, be sure to take a day to visit Niagara Falls. The noise of the water rushing downward is an experience in itself! You can choose to explore from the topside, down in the water on a boat, or even in the caves and ledges behind the water.

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There are many French speaking cities and towns in Canada, although you’ll get along just fine with only English. But it is worth taking in the culture and cuisine of the French-speaking areas. The history and roots of these areas are fascinating, with a lot of direct references to Europe. Montreal, in particular, is world famous for its music, with Jazz being a particularly popular form.

Toronto and Vancouver are popular city for tourists and Canada is home to some of the world’s most popular and glamorous ski resorts too such as Whistler. Winter sports are very popular here, so be sure to take in some skiing or attend a hockey game. There is so much to see and do in Canada. Where will your next holiday take you?