Let’s face it; there are plenty of holiday destination ideas that one can consider. An increasingly popular way to spend some time relaxing is on a desert holiday, believe it or not. And, despite what you might think, that doesn’t mean “roughing it” in the middle of a sand dune!  More people want to visit arid destinations in search of a different holiday experience. They don’t want to go to the same tourist traps that others seek out. If you feel like doing something different for your next holiday, this blog post is for you.

The following are nine examples of arid destinations you could visit this year:  

1. The Sahara Desert

Morocco is perhaps the most accessible country that the Sahara spans. It’s also a popular tourist destination. If you want a site where you can learn more about the Sahara, here it is! Given the political situation in northern Africa, Morocco is a safer bet for tourists.

2. Antarctica

It might surprise you to learn that not all deserts get covered with sand! To get there, you’ll have to travel on a polar exploration ship. Still, it’s one of those “once in a lifetime” trips that will forever be memorable!

3. Kalahari Desert

Although it spans South Africa and Namibia, one can experience the best of it from Botswana. It’s a brilliant way to also incorporate a safari adventure during your holiday there.

4. Sonoran Desert

Leaving Africa, we head across to the United States. One of America’s best-known deserts is the Sonoran, found in Arizona and California. It’s famous for its jagged orange land formations and cacti. Consider visiting the Saguaro National Park while you’re there.

5. The Empty Quarter

If you want a desert adventure in the Middle East, one option is to head to the United Arab Emirates. There you can access “The Empty Quarter”. It’s also a place where one can enjoy a luxurious desert holiday.

6. Mojave Desert

One of the world’s most famous deserts is the Mojave in the USA. It cuts across four states including Nevada, home of Las Vegas. One could always spend some time in the casinos before exploring the wilds of the Mojave!

7. Atacama Desert

In South America, one can go and visit the Atacama Desert in Chile. It’s one of the driest places on Earth and is home to some striking scenery and landscapes. Well worth adding to your bucket list!

8. The Bardenas Reales Natural Park

You might not think it, but even Europe has a desert of sorts! In Spain, you could head north to the Bardenas Reales Natural Park. It features clay, sandstone, and chalk, cut into the canyons there.

9. Gobi Desert

If you want to head across to the Far East, you should consider making Mongolia your destination. The Gobi Desert spans half a million square miles into China. I hope today’s blog post has given you some inspirational ideas. Thanks for reading it and let us know if you’ve been to any of these places!