The finest accommodation just became more interesting! Having the perfect hotel room is necessary for travellers in order to enjoy a relaxing vacation. However, how would you feel if you suddenly wake up from a deep slumber just because someone yanked your pillow whilst you’re alone in the room? If this occurrence doesn’t bother you, then you will enjoy staying at these lavish places alongside the unseen guests that lurk around in every corner.

Here are the top five haunted hotels in the USA where every night that you stay becomes an adventure.

1. Myrtle’s Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana

Louisiana is a magical place filled with music and fine Creole cuisine. The Creole State is home to Myrtle’s Plantation, about an hour and half’s drive away from New Orleans.

Ghost hunters have encountered the spirit of William Drew Winter, an attorney who lived in the plantation and died from a gunshot wound on the 17th step of the stairs whilst climbing to see his wife. It was reported that Mr. Winter’s footsteps can be heard at night.

2. Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles, California

The hotel first opened its doors to the affluent members of society in 1927. According to reports from staffs and guests, Marilyn Monroe’s ghostly reflection has been seen in room 229 in the mirror. Another common report said that guests often find the rooms locked and cannot be opened with a key after they return from their daily walk.

3. Crescent Hotel, Eureka Spring, Arkansas

Tourists often visit Eureka Springs to visit one of their popular healing waters or to check the haunting at the Crescent Hotel. Apart from its regular offerings, the hotel also serves a dose of fright to their guests. One of the reported ghosts that reside in the property is Norman G. Baker, who used the building as a hospital.

4. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

The hotel is well-known as being the inspiration for popular author Stephen King’s book, The Shining. It was said that he stayed in the hotel with his wife and wrote the book after experiencing paranormal activities. The ghosts that haunt the property include a small child looking for a nanny seen by different people, including King himself.

5. Logan Inn, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Opened by John Wells as a tavern in 1922, the structure has remained sound and functional to this day. It offers fine food, rooms and a healthy serving of spirits. According to an article on the Examiner, during the stay of the author Jennifer Lopez, she recorded other worldly voices on a tape recorder.