The world is filled with unique cities renowned for amazing party nightlife. Whether you are looking for a relaxed bar to sip a drink, an energetic club to dance or a great live show, these five following cities will not disappoint!


There is a reason this Mexican city is such a spring break hot spot. Since it was intentionally designed as a tourist spot you can guarantee an endless amount of entertainment. During the day, party seekers head to the active resorts and the warm beaches.

Night gives way to a variety of clubs that attract some of the world’s foremost DJs. The most popular nightclubs in Cancun combine Las Vegas style shows with the usual nightclub fare to make a whole new experience.

New York City

It is no surprise that America’s biggest city also has one of the biggest party scenes around. The sheer quantity of nightlife locales guarantee there will be something for anyone. If you are looking for a celebrity filled dance club there is Beatrice Inn. Go to Santo’s Party House and you can experience Andrew W. K.’s vision of the perfect party with a dream of a sound system and drinks you can actually afford. As a beacon for hipsters, you can guarantee finding an unabashedly trendy locale.


A city that is a major part of house and techno history is sure to have an intense nightlife experience. Berlin’s bars definitely do not shy away from the city’s reputation either. The club Berghain touts a 17 meter tall room where you will frequently find some of the world’s top DJs performing. At Chalet you can experience a 19th century themed club populated by Berlin’s hipper crowd.


This small island off the coast of Spain has earned a reputation for being an international mecca for electronic music. If you want to experience some of the biggest dance music concerts in the world, Ibiza is the place to go. A more relaxing experience can be found at some of the beach side bars that line the coast.

New Orleans

As expected of the city that gave birth to jazz, New Orleans provides one of the most robust live music selections you will find. You are bound to find a bar featuring any style of music you can imagine. Additionally, New Orleans provides the unique attraction of a robust selection of burlesque shows.

Please Be Responsible – Although it is a lot of fun to travel and have party with your friends. Make sure you drink responsible and call a taxi drive you back to your hotel or have a designated driver. If you do get caught for breaking the law or driving while intoxicated it can really put a damper in your vacation.