Those searching for an amazing diving experience should look no further than the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Famous diving locations such as Sharm El Sheikh is only approximately a 5 hour flight from London. The Red Sea has long been a place that people, especially those from the UK, come to experience “big” things when it comes to diving. The Sinai Peninsula is notorious for the amazing aquatic life and breathtaking coral on display and here we showcase 4 spots in the area that offer the best opportunity to view this stunning undersea world.


Located just a quick drive from the border at Taba, Dahab is a resort town. The locals here are predominantly wandering herders, farmers, and fishermen. Today, Dahab has developed into one of the most prevalent of all diving destinations in the area due primarily to the fact that there are numerous reefs and they are all easy to get to from the beach. Though it is a small town, it delivers big on the underwater adventure.

Photo taken diving at Dehab

The blue hole at Dehab has gained world recognition for its dives. Not only are the dives amazing, but they are also highly dangerous. There have been many deaths here due to the sinkhole that causes divers to experience nitrogen narcosis. However, for those who need an adrenaline rush in their dive, this is the place to be. It is relatively inexpensive to dive here and the sights are once in a lifetime experiences. For those who love the biggest roller coaster and death defying stunts, the Blue Hole is the place to explore.

Another good video of the Blue Hole can be watched here on YouTube.

Photo taken diving at Dehab

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm is situated on the southern tip of the Peninsula. Naama Bay is the area where divers seek to find the protected coral reef. Any diver who wants to explore this protected area must pay a fee. However, some say the fee is well worth the amazing underwater sights. The fees paid all go towards the conservation of the Bay. Some extraordinary dive sites can be found here. Some have reported seeing reef walls that extend hundreds of meters into the water. There are also elaborate coral gardens that are crawling with aquatic life.

Photo taken diving at Sharm el-Sheikh


Those who want a true nature experience should visit Nuweiba. Only 7 km long, this settlement established from a desolate place with no infrastructure into an encouraging and beautiful tourist destination. Nuweiba was newly revealed by tourist stockholders creating hotels along the coastline. The Beduin camp area is where most people known as backpackers stay. Some say this area is desolate and quiet, the perfect way to commune with nature.


Noted as one of the most beautiful areas on the Sinai Peninsula, Taba is picturesque year round. This area of the sea is vibrant and the backdrop of the Cinnamon Mountains is perfect. There are plenty of hotels here, but most come here for the amazing diving opportunities. The coral in this area is also fascinating. There are many, many things to behold. People travel from all over the world just to see the untouched areas of the Taba Heights area.

Photo taken diving at Taba