When you go on holiday, it’s normal to leave the country and visit other places. This year, why not spend it exploring your own backyard? The UK is home to a number of beautiful caravan pitches and touring locations, if only you know where to look. Wonder no longer, here are 10 camping spots in the UK we recommend you should check out.

1. Oban Camping and Caravan Park

Found on the Scottish coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Hebrides, the Oban Camping and Caravan Park is a huge, grassy flat area with plenty of places to set up. There’s also enough room for animals and children to run and play. It’s close to Oban, one of the primary cities in Scotland for seafood.

2. Low Wray

This caravan pitch is found right on the shores of Windermere Lake, allowing visitors to spend their time walking along the shoreline and relaxing. The gorgeous views are matched only by the unique lodgings that are also available, including yurts and tipis. From just £8 per night, it’s a very affordable place to go.

3. Comrie Coft

The oasis of the Highland Perthshire, Comrie Coft has communal pitches, hidden places up in the hillsides, and woodland-style tents. The range of accommodation, as well as the size of the site, makes it perfect for all types of visitors. If you want to be alone, you can find a hidden area to set up.

4. Bay View Farm, Cornwall

With Looe Bay sitting just a few hundred metres from the site, Bay View Farm offers beautiful views for all its visitors. A coastal pathway runs along the site, leading to Millendreath Beach in one direction and on to Boidigga Cliff in the other direction. The peak season is between June and September, but you can find discounted rates between November and March. Just be prepared for the chill.

5. Roulotte Retreat

If you’re looking for romance, this is the place. Found in the Eildon Hills of Scotland, Roulotte Retreat offers a unique blend of Celtic, Indian, and Moorish themes in the small cottages around the area. If you’d like, you can stay in the caravan – but the homes here are more than enough to keep you occupied.

6. Aberafon

This campsite rests on the shores of the Llyn Peninsula. From the Aberafon campsite, not only can you spend your time staring out at the ocean, but the peaks of Snowdonia run off to the horizon. The beautiful views combine with affordable prices to make this a very popular destination.

7. Lazy Duck

Lazy Duck is a small site that is very aptly named. Home to a number of Aylesbury ducks who spend their days in whimsy. The quiet countryside offers everything a visitor needs to kick back and relax from the cares of their day. There are hammocks hanging throughout the area, as well as a sauna for those times when you need special treatment.

8. Caolasnacon Caravan and Camping Park

Tucked in between the Nevis Range and Glencoe, the Caolasnacon Caravan and Camping Park is a great place to set up. Right next to Loch Leven, you can spend your time here fishing and soaking up the quiet – but a campfire might help keep you safe from midges.

9. Glenbrittle Campsite

Found on the world renowned Isle of Skye, this campsite is wild camping in its truest form. With beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see, this campsite offers everything anyone could ask for; the perfect caravan site for getting away from it all.

10. Woolacombe Bay

If you imagine yourself waking up and looking over the Atlantic Ocean in the morning then Woolacombe Bay is the site that will offer you a variety of spacious and scenic camping pitches.