The French island of St. Barts’s is probably the most exclusive and elegant of the Caribbean islands. St. Barts is well known for its casual French culture, world class restaurants and uncrowded beaches. Holiday villa rentals are the primary form of accommodation, many with panoramic views of the ocean and the yacht-filled harbours. There is a wide variety of magnificent holiday villas rentals to choose from.

Book a St. Barts holiday villa rental with an ocean view or try a rental on a hilltop colonial retreat overlooking the beach, or West Indian style cottages and modernist compounds with infinity swimming pools. The holiday villa rentals offer you a home base from which to venture to the islands beaches, go scuba diving, sailing, wind surfing, play tennis, go shopping or touring.

Check out the beachfront bistros, world class restaurants or visit the casual and chic designer shopping boutiques in the two main villages of St. Jean and Gustavia. St. Barts is the place to go if you want peace, calm aqua waters, pristine white-sand beaches, gourmet restaurants and super stylish accommodation.

There are many outdoor activities in the island of St. Barts to keep busy and happy and here’s 10 we highly recommend:

Inter Oceans Museum

Here you will see a collection of more than 9000 seashells from around the world. It’s open Tuesday to Sunday. The timing is 9 -12.30 and 2-5 pm. Entry fee is EUR 3.

The Municipal Museum 

This museum is marvelous, with a collection of watercolours, photographs, portraits, costumes, artifacts and historical documents relating the islands history from the indigenous Arawak Indians to the colonial battles between the Swedes and the French. Also on display are the island flowers, plants and marine life. It’s open Monday to Thursday, 8.30 – 12.30 and 2.20 – 6 pm. Friday 8.30 – 12.30 pm, Saturday 9 – 11 am. Entry is EUR 1.60

Le Manoir

Le Manoir is one of St Barth’s treasured secrets. The 1610 Norman manor was very carefully shipped from France and reconstructed in St. Barts in 1984, by Jeanne Audy Rowland in tribute to the islands Viking for bearers.


Lorient is the site of the first French settlement. Lorient is a favourite for locals that surf and is one of the islands two parishes. The islands only movie cinema and two markets are located here.


Toiny is a beautiful yet rugged coastline. There are stone fences across the slopes of Morne Vitet, one of the many hills on St. Barts, along a rocky shore that looks like the rugged coast of Normandy.

Shopping in Gustavia

Gustavia is where the majority of the island boutiques are located. You can easily venture all the narrow streets in a few hours. Shops close from 12.00 to 2 pm, so plan your lunch accordingly.

Fitness and well being

Fitness and well being is easy in St. Barts. There are a number of fitness centres with a wide range of equipment, massage, yoga, aerobic and dance classes and team sports.

Hiking and horse riding

Hiking and horse riding is a classic. You can enjoy hiking or go horse riding. There are several trails to and from out of the way places.

Sailing and fishing

Sailing and fishing is also a St. Barts treat. You can choose from a wide variety of sea vessels, the crewed mega yachts to humble dinghies that you sail yourself.

The beach and water sports

The beach and water sports are maybe the greatest attraction in St. Barts. The silky white beaches and aqua blue waters surrounding the island are breath-taking. There are at least 15 beaches suitable for boating, swimming, kite boarding and any number of tantalising water sport. The leeward beaches are more protected by the land and calmer, while the windward beaches are the excellent for windsurfing
St Barth is the place to go if you want peace, calm aqua waters, pristine white-sand beaches, gourmet restaurants and super stylish Holiday villa rentals.

Before anything, book your holiday in advance. And then, enjoy your time there, explore wisely, and remember to protect yourself from the sun and to stay hydrated; drink a lot of water.