For families planning to go on holiday, Tenerife offers the best destination. It has numerous breathtaking sites that make it a favourite destination for tourists from around the world. This is especially for those with children. It offers a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful sun rays, splendid scenery, and ocean waves. Doing the following will ensure that one has family-friendly Tenerife holidays.

Los Gigantes Cliffs

This is a resort located in the west of the highland. When visiting this place, always be ready to be awe struck by the incredible nature of the place. It is more famous for the giant cliff formations that rise over 800 metres.

Pyramids of Guimar

It is natural complex of free standing pyramids. They are six in number and were built outside the town of Guimar in the 19th century. They are very impressive to look at since they were not built with mortar. The pyramids have become popular with tourists because of their mysterious appeal.


Majestic Masca Valley

The first time here feels like being in a lost world. It is tucked away into the ancient mountains of Tenerife. It offers a sense of adventure going round a narrow mountain. The beauty that if offers has made it a tourist hot spot.



Picnic in the pines

Every Sunday, there’s always an activity in the pines. The local people (Tinerfeños) head to the pines for a picnic and it can be great joining them for they are welcoming. The trees offer shade from the sun during the summer. All the zones have picnic tables, stone barbecues, fresh spring water and toilets.


Santiago Calatrava

This showcases the great work Spain’s architectural genius Santiago Calatrava. It is a sleek white structure with contemporary curves. It is a place visited mostly due to the various concerts and musicals held there.

Old Dragon Tree

This is located in Icod de los Vinos. The mysterious thing about it is that nobody knows exactly the age of this dragon tree but many say it’s been around for a thousand years.


Whale and Dolphin Watching

Tenerife has warm waters that are home to many whales and dolphins. This makes an attractive destination for families with little children. There are boats that can take you round that offer drinks and food and each trip takes approximately 3hours.


Piramide de Arona

The Piramide de Arona offers the Malizia Show that captivates both the young and the old. This forms part of a family friendly Tenerife holidays setting. It presents a unique blend of the traditional Hispanic cultures offered with a mixture of flamenco opera and dance that is thought rejuvenating.


Teide National Park

Teide National Park is a protected by UNESCO World Heritage. It is located in a large area of Central Tenerife and has Mount Telde the highest mountain in Spain within it. It is important part of the canary culture being the oldest national park. Here one can take the cable car and view the adjacent highlands.




Siam Park

This attraction that has become very popular since opening in 2008, especially with families and claims to be the most spectacular water attractions in Europe. Siam Park is usually visited during the summer months by those holidaying on the island. Siam Park offers a water ride and a pool with a golden sandy beach.

It is Tenerife’s largest theme park and has 7 world records:

  1. The statue of the world’s largest dragon.
  2. Increased elevation within the lazy river (up to 8 meters (26 ft))
  3. The largest man-made wave in the world (about 3 meters (9.8 ft))
  4. Increased diversity in slides.
  5. The world’s largest Thai building outside Asia.
  6. The world’s first green waterpark
  7. 2015 Travellers’ Choice Winner Tripadvisor: World’s best waterpark