There are two things every holidaymaker wants when they go abroad: good weather and low cost. Out of the two, the cost is probably the most important part of your holiday. With that in mind, here at Travelphant we’ve listed 10 places that offer amazing holiday experiences whilst being affordable.


Vietnam may be rising in popularity, but the cost is still very low at the moment. It is plausible to get by on $5 a day. While you are there, make sure try the local beer. It is some of the best around, and it only costs 50 cents!



Staying in South-East Asia, Cambodia is your next stop. Like Vietnam, it is a great place for backpackers and travellers. Also, it is a hotspot for holidaymakers looking for some five-star luxury without the price tag. Sihanoukville, in particular, is a very thrifty option for those of you without a big budget.


With the recession and economic crisis, Greece is going through a hard time. So, to attract the tourists, they are slashing the prices. You can find everything from real estate Porto Heli to a five-course meal for a fraction of the cost. In Europe, that is hard to come by regardless of the country.



If there is one place that is cheap, it is India. Sure, you have put up with a lot because the culture is very different. But, you will reap the benefits if you can stomach the smell and the inevitable bout of Delhi Belly. India is a great place to go if you need a new wardrobe on the cheap.

Sri Lanka

Just south of India is Sri Lanka. And, like its Asian cousin, it is cheap as hell. Do you fancy living like a king for under $25 a day? Sri Lanka is the place. Unlike India, it is a breathtaking and beautifully tropical country.


Hungary is one of the anomalies of Europe. Like Greece, it is very cheap. But, the country isn’t in economic turmoil. Plus, it is one of the most beautiful places in Eastern Europe. If there is one place to visit in the East, it is Budapest.


There is a lot to see in South America, and it isn’t always cheap. After a few weeks in Brazil, you bank balance will need a rest. Step up Bolivia. The country is so cheap that it puts India and Cambodia to shame. And, honestly, that is no mean feat!


It isn’t as cheap as Hungary, but it is pretty cheap for Europe. You can, for example, survive on $20 a day. But, you want to take advantage of the cost now before it is too late. Tourists from the West are making it a popular and increasing the price in the process.


To be honest, you can go anywhere in Central America and survive on a budget. But, Honduras is like the 99¢ store! There isn’t much to see or do, but that isn’t why you visit Honduras.


Argentina is an amazing country with great sights and attractions. And, it is cheap! The fluctuating economy means the prices go up and down. Although you have to be careful, you tend to get a good deal as a result.