We really loved our 3 week family motorhome adventure in New Zealand – it was easily the best family holiday we’ve been on to date. Both North Island and South Island are amazing with so many cool places to visit in New Zealand you’re spoilt for choice!

I’m sure you’ll familiar with all the amazing scenery on offer in New Zealand, partly thanks to Lord Of The Rings & The Hobbit, but you might not be aware that there’s plenty of things to see and do when the sun goes down.

Here we feature 10 awesome night-time experiences to be had in New Zealand…

1. Stargazing at Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve

New Zealand’s International Dark Sky Reserve provides the perfect spot to gaze up on tens of millions of twinkling stars. In fact, it’s considered the single best location for a spot of astronomy in the entire southern hemisphere.

My first experience and attempt at a spot of astrophotography during our stay at Lake Tekapo.

2. Night-Hike the Tongariro Crossing

By day the Tongariro Crossing is special but try it at night time for an amazing experience. There’s something uniquely enjoyable about night hiking in New Zealand.  Along with the extraordinary beauty of the landscape by night, there’s also the promise of next to no crowds and the allure of having the entire trail to yourself.

3. Jump off SkyCity Auckland

1,600 slots, around 1,000 table games and the opportunity to throw yourself off the roof of the establishment from a height of 192 metres. Suffice to say, an experience exclusively for the most dedicated adrenaline junkies. If you don’t get a chance to play the casino at Skycity Auckland, you can always try your luck online with these best kiwi casinos.

4. Blackwater-Raft at Waitomo

Try whitewater rafting by night, when this extraordinary complex of chasms and caves takes on an entirely new sense of mystery and majesty. Perfect for making the most of the glorious NZ spring and summer weather.

5. Check out the Aurora Australis in Rakiura National Park

Even more difficult to see than its northern counterpart, those lucky enough to catch sight of the Aurora Australis – aka the ‘southern lights’ – are guaranteed a mesmerising and magical lightshow that’s simply unforgettable.

6. Night Ski in Queenstown

Ideal for beating the crowds and adding even more cosiness to that well-earned post-ski mulled wine. All the way from June until October, some of the best runs in New Zealand are open until 9pm.

7. Swim with Lobsters off the Poor Knights Islands

Snorkelling by night is a completely different experience to the usual daytime dip. Particularly around this unique aquatic wonderland off the Tutukaka Coast, where the local lobster community comes out to play when the lights go out.

8. Take the Zealandia By Night Tour

Situated just 10 minutes from the heart of the city, the Zealandia Karori Sanctuary is a unique wildlife reserve and perhaps the best spot in the world to see kiwis in the wild. Book a guided tour and embark on a night-time NZ safari like no other.

9. Wild Camp in Gisborne

If five-star luxury accommodation isn’t your thing, why not camp out in the first place to welcome the sunrise each day? Wild camping is forbidden across much of NZ, but visitors are more than welcome to get back to nature in Gisborne.

10. Hit the White Lady Burger Van

Last but not least, The White Lady is less of a burger van and more a national institution in its own right. Serving calorie-laden goodies at all hours of day and night, it’s the perfect place to satisfy even the most monstrous munchies.