Queuing, leaky taps, the sound of other people eating – these are just some of the most annoying things in life. However, nothing quite comes close to packing. It’s a task we all dread and something you just can’t escape.

And it’s even more frustrating when you’re trying to exceed your baggage allowance. Plus, come wintertime, it can be tempting to pack everything but the kitchen sink and even more. Coats, jumpers and scarves take up a hell of a lot of room…so just how can you travel light even when packing your winter clothes?

Wear bulky items on the flight

If you’re travelling to a really cold climate, wear your winter coat, scarf and snow boots on flight as this will save a lot of space in your luggage. Once on the flight, you can stuff the coat into the overhead locker, or use it as a blanket. In regard to jackets and jumpers, bring one that suits the weather most – check the forecast before you fly and prepare wisely.

Non-bulky layers win

While large and bulky clothing screams warmth and comfort, opt for the opposite. Ditch the chunky knit scarf and choose a jersey one, scrap the slouchy sweater and opt for the fitted. Lighter layers not only add variety to your travel wardrobe but are also sure to keep you warm. Choose neutral colours so you have outfits that are easy to accessorise, and t-shirts that match with everything. The same rule applies for trousers – a pair of black jeans or trousers should be favoured as they’re easily paired.

Packing cubes

Purchase a packing cube before packing as this will make life far easier. The nifty pockets allow you to roll and stuff your clothing side by side. Plus, this means items are easier to find as you can pack everything that needs to be paired together; one cube for underwear, one for t-shirts etc. Random odd socks no longer need to be strewn about your case either – shirts and shorts won’t be here and there taking up precious space. And even better, they help to prevent your clothes from becoming creased…a true Godsend!

Down jackets triumph

By far the best coat for winter travel is the down jacket. Okay, so they’re less stylish than traditional fashion jackets but they’re also warm and they’re practical. They fold down to an impressively small size and are very light in weight. Plus, they hold up against snow better than most other coats out there. Make sure you’re well prepared for any cold-weather scenario.

Airport taxi transfers are also a winner as it means less time spent carrying a heavy bag and will make for a seamless transition from the airport to your hotel. And if it is cold out, it’s less time spent out in the chill. Travelling is something to be anticipated with joy not dread owing to packing and with our nifty travel hacks, it longer needs to be daunting.