Australia is the world’s largest island and smallest continent and is also a land of amazing beauty and places with breathtaking views. It is also home to some of the most rare creatures and destinations in the world. It is also famous for major tourist attraction sites such as The Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Hunter region and the Ayers rock. It has become over the years many tourists’ dream destination. The country also has many amazing Islands and great beaches where you can relax and enjoy feeling the sand between your toes and the spectacular views of the beach. These options offer some of the best places to retire in Australia, offering relaxing time for you and your spouse. Although there are many amazing beaches in Australia, here are the top six beaches in Australia:

1. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is a lovely beach situated on Whitsunday Island. It stretches over seven kilometers and has dazzling white silica sand, which is one of the purest in the whole world.

There are many fun activities to carry out such as cruising, swimming, building sandcastles with your loved ones, sinking, and feeling the white sand between your toes. The beach also has many spectacular views and is suitable for a picnic making it a popular fantastic beach.

2. Cable Beach, Broome

Cable beach is a fantastic island located in Broome, famous for the spectacular Indian oceans, turquoise water and its sun kissed white sand. It is also famous for its exhilarating nightlife, luxurious resorts and has the largest casino. In addition, there are many fun activities to be carried out such as camel walks, swimming, golfing, cruising and lots more.

3. Noosa Main Beach

Noosa main beach is a lovely beach and is situated in the Noosa area. It is the ideal beach for your holiday as it has hotels, which offer a range of absolute, relaxed, elegant beachfront accommodation. The waves at this beach are barely over one meter high, and the level sandy bottom is perfect for beginners learning how to surf.

4. Mandalay Beach

Mandalay beach is another great beach in Australia that has lovely views and great resorts. There are many fun activities to carry out in the beach including cruising, swimming and building castles with your loved ones. It also has amazing cafes and restaurants, which offer delicious food and drinks.

5. Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is Sydney iconic beach and has something to offer for everyone. It is a lovely beach located only 8 kilometers from the CBD and is also among the city’s busiest beaches. There are popular amazing activities to be done such as beachfront dining, surfing, cruising and swimming. It also has amazing restaurants and bars, which offer delicious food, and drinks which re-energises your energy.

6. Store Beach

Store beach is a spectacular quiet beach located in Sydney and is only accessible by water. It is a little known gem and is suitable for many various functions such as weddings, private dinners, private lunches and parties making it a unique beach. This beach provides a perfect get away from the city’s hustle and bustle making you relax.

Regardless if you move to any other place for good or for just a while, keep in mind that you can also find short or long-term rent in any of these areas.