Australia is one of the coolest places to hire a car or motorhome and go explore. Here we feature some tips for those than plan a driving holiday in Australia.

1. It is Huge!

Make no mistake – Australia is vast and underestimating its size is a common oversight for tourists (see map and table below to see driving distances)

With four different time zones, arid desert at its centre, lush tropical rainforests to the north and snow-capped mountains in the South East, Australia has far more to offer than the sunshine it’s famed for – though there’s bucket’s of that too.

Public transport links the major cities and attractions but for those looking for real freedom and maximum exposure to the full Antipodean experience, car hire in Australia is unquestionably the best option.

2. Plan What You Want To See

Maybe you plan to drive the infamous Great Ocean Road? It’s a great place to start; boasting some of the most stunning coastlines in Australia, this route begins within a two-hour drive from Melbourne airport. But, bear in mind that maps can be deceptive, this route is a whopping 400km of gorgeousness and cannot be rushed.

With plenty of quaint towns, breathtaking lookout points and Koalas to catch your eye, there’s plenty to see so take your time. Car Rental Broker Holiday Autos appreciate that you want to cram as much into your holiday as possible. They offer rentals that can be collected at one location and dropped off at another. So, you can book a car rental with Adelaide Airport car hire in the south-west and drive it to Cairns airport in the North, covering the entire eastern coastline in about 5 days, but why not spread it over two weeks and make the most of your car rental booking.

3. Plan What You Need To Get There

With some journeys taking days to complete, any car journey needs to be carefully thought out. Australians drive on the left, so for us Brits that’s one less thing to worry about.

Work out distances (use the map and table above) and the fuel you’ll need before you set off, buy an in-car phone charger, carry plenty of water and although Australia is achingly beautiful – keep your eyes on the road.

Long stretches of highway on a hot day can tire you easily and Kangaroos have a habit of jumping out of nowhere. If you’re unlucky enough to hit one, you’ll know it. Make sure you have all your car rental details and insurance with you at all times. Take regular breaks, rent a car with air conditioning and share the driving with your travel buddies if you can.

4. Then Get Lost

The benefit of a driving holiday is the opportunity to really explore. Australia sees almost six million tourists visit every year and for good reason. There are plenty of travel guides, but most maps and guides direct you to the most well known jaw-droppers and if you’re looking for something truly out of the ordinary, call in to any of the backpacking hostels you’ll find en route.

No longer the haven of hippies, many hostels cater for families and couples and are filled with message boards and tips for beach parties, forest treks and secret hideaways. They rarely require formal booking so park up, throw your Kangaroo sausages on the communal BBQ and chill out with those in the know.