February half-term will be upon you before you know it and this year, like any other year, you’ve overspent on the holiday season. Now it’s time to start thinking of where you’ll spend half-term and right about now, a ski holiday sounds amazing. After all the pushing and shoving to get through the crowds of holiday shoppers, you just want to be out in the open air doing something you’ve always wanted to do. Isn’t it about time you took that ski trip you’ve always dreamed of, budget or no budget? Actually, you really can have a ski holiday even on a limited budget. These five tips will show you how it’s done.

1. Research Off-the-Beaten-Path Resorts

Let’s say, for example, you intend to fly from Birmingham Airport. You’ve checked the popular destinations you can travel to and what you’ve found is that most of the destinations are in France and Austria. Would you expect anywhere else? The Alps are and have always been, the slopes to hit for some of the world’s best skiing, but unfortunately, they are the busiest resorts around. You are after something a bit more relaxed. Why not consider flying just a couple hours to an Austrian ski resort like that of Mayrhofen?

You can reserve parking at Birmingham Airport, fly directly to the airport there, and will probably not have to deal with the massive throngs of holidaymakers like you’d find at Innsbruck. There are plenty of other outdoor activities as well like hiking, walking and a scenic cable car ride to visit neighbouring restaurants and a number of evening venues for those nights you fancy a bit of dancing or music. To top it off, you’ll probably get better rates than at some of the larger, more popular resorts, and when travelling on a budget, that’s a key priority.

2. Look for Group Rates

Whether you are planning on going with the family or with a group of your mates from school, why not check out the best group rates? Consider for a moment that you’ll be paying for Birmingham Airport parking anyway, so why not go en masse? Get as many as you can pack into that minivan, reserve just one parking space and let the entire group pitch in for the expense?

3. Book Before the New Year

One thing to always keep in mind is that the closer you get to travel dates, the higher rates you will usually pay for anything from flights to lodging. Most airlines and hotels offer pre-season discounts, but as rooms book up and availability is down, prices go up accordingly. Yes, it’s the old “supply and demand” principle at work, so you’d be wise to book your holiday travel and hotel reservations as early as possible. Once you’ve reached the new year, those great deals may have flown away!

4. Find Park & Fly Deals

As mentioned above, you can always find park & fly deals if you intend to arrive at the airport early enough to beat the crowds. That hotel park & fly deal is just one of many. You can find parking at Birmingham Airport priced by the length of your stay, so if you are coming from out of town, you just might want to book that hotel on the beginning leg of your half-term ski holiday. Package deals are always at the head of any budget-friendly holiday.

5. Last Year’s Clothes Will Do Just Fine

Finally, you really don’t need to go on a shopping binge! Last year’s ski parkas and winter clothes will do just fine. Remember, most of the time you’ll be outdoors where you’ll be bundled from head to toe. In weather like that, it’s so much more important to be warmly dressed than it is to be fashionable. There is no need to buy an entire new winter wardrobe if it will eat into your already limited budget.

Don’t Let a Limited Budget Keep You Grounded

Even though you’ve already overspent your budget on the holidays, you really owe it to yourself as well as your family and friends to take a much-needed half-term break. You can do things like finding self-catering lodging or hotels that offer free breakfast along with the nightly rates. Just remember that the one thing you want to avoid when travelling on a limited budget is the most popular ski resorts.

Popular resorts will be the most expensive because they can afford to be selective. However, the good news is, those off-the-beaten-path resorts often go above and beyond to be competitive with services. Isn’t that just what you need before the next term begins? You bet it is, so enjoy!

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