It’s long been one of my dreams to travel through America by taking a road trip down Route 66, driving in an old Cadillac with the wind in my hair. And one place I’d definitely make a stop at? Without a shadow of a doubt, it has to be Las Vegas, where I can enjoy the bright lights of Sin City for a few days on this adventurous break.

Route 66 – the road to Sin City

There are many places you can begin your holiday on Route 66, but I’ve always imagined starting the trip in California – perhaps after a couple of days sunning myself on one of its golden shores, of course.

From here, I’d hop into my hire car and start down the 2,448-mile road through some of America’s finest landscapes. I doubt I’d complete the entire journey travelling through eight US states, but there are several spectacular sights to see along the way that will make my trip well worth it even if I only have a week or two spare.

These include beautiful red deserts, huge mountains, cowboy ranches, Apache, Kiowa and Comanche tribal sites and a crater! Yes, there’s a 500-ft hole in Arizona (the Meteor Crater) that was created 22,000 years ago. The great thing about Route 66 is that as well as taking you to some of the best places in the US – from the Grand Canyon and Texas to Oklahoma and Chicago – it also enables you to see other destinations if you take short detours from the rocky road. One such location that I’d certainly turn off the route for is Las Vegas.

Las Vegas – a worthwhile detour

I can only imagine what it must be like to spend days driving along the red, dusty road to turn up in this Nevada oasis that is literally covered in bright lights. The contrast between the two must be out of this world.

Las Vegas is best known for its casinos – and yes, there are plenty of roulette tables, slot machines and so on for you to play on, but there is also so much more in this interesting place. You could get active (yes, even inside the city) by going on zip lines, racing cars or jumping on a rollercoaster ride and gliding through the air over the famous casinos. The X-Scream ride is 866 ft high and you’ll find it at the Stratosphere Casino.

Or you could choose the Big Shot (being propelled 160 ft into the air at 45 mph)

Or how about Insanity the Ride, which will see you get spun around a mechanical arm 900 ft above the ground.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie like me you’ll definitely love having a go on one of these! There are also zoos, aquariums, art galleries and plenty of shopping malls for you to visit.

Explore Vegas at night

I’m not one with much luck, so after spending some time on the slots (when in Vegas and all…) I would look to do other things in the city when the night falls. Luckily, there is lots to choose from, and every type of holidaymaker should find something to entertain them. You can watch extravagant productions like Cirque du Soleil or big name stars such as Elton John at Caesars Palace. Whether you want to see magicians, jazz musicians or burlesque performances, you’ll find it all in Vegas.

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