Much is being written of how the ‘credit crunch’ is affecting the travel plans for UK holidaymakers this year. For many, the Euro zone is a no go area due to the weak pound in relation to the euro, whilst anywhere further a field may well be considered too expensive in terms of flight costs etc and bigger insurance premiums. However, this is potentially good for the UK tourist board who are anticipating that many of us will stick around for the summer. And whilst this is a positive prospect for the country, many companies are quick to remind holidaymakers that travel insurance is as necessary as it would be if travelling abroad.

Depending on where you choose to visit and how you plan to get there, travel insurance can ensure that you are covered should a flight be cancelled, for example. Of course travelling in the UK does mean that options other than travelling by plane are open to you. But travel will be an important factor to consider at this time, i.e. should you want to save time due to booking a shorter break? Then you might be more willing to fly long distances to do so. If this is the case, it seems very wise to take out insurance for any kind of plane travel during this unstable economic time.

Lost luggage is a problem that can occur on any kind of journey, and it is certainly sensible to have it covered. Holidaymakers who are travelling within their own country are typically inclined to pack more luggage, particularly if they are taking their own vehicle. The same goes for expensive equipment and gadgets, such as laptops and iPods which are more likely to be included in luggage for a UK-bound trip, and if so, each policy should be checked to make sure they offer suitable cover for such items.

Finally, the notion of repatriation might seem a little strange considering I am writing about travelling within your own country, however when it comes to travel insurance, it is a factor to consider if visiting other parts of the UK – even if you are staying on the mainland. Specifically, if you are considering skiing on the Scottish Cairngorms due to the recent snow, it is a good idea to insure yourself (and check whether winter sports are included in your policy) just in case you need to fly (or take another method of public transport) home before the end of your stay. This is also important if you fall ill during your holiday.

Travel insurance is certainly not the most fun part of planning your holiday, but making sure the correct insurance is in place is important even if you are staying in your home country. And at least you can be safe in the knowledge that premiums are likely to be cheaper for a UK holiday than they would be for a long-distance trip.

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