Getting away from it all is one of the great things about a holiday, whether it’s getting away from your humdrum life by larging it up in Ibiza, getting away from the gloom of a rainy English summer and heading to Magaluf or getting away from parental control and student worries backpacking around the far east, we all just need a change of scenery and routine from time to time.

Not everyone wants the same thing from their ‘getting away from it all’ vacation, that much is obvious. Some people want adventure, some history and culture, some relaxation and others simply a fortnight of oblivion. You already know what kind of holidaymaker you are, if you look at adverts for two weeks on the Costa del Sol and shudder or think how boring it would be to spend a week on a Caribbean beach when you could be exploring a fort in the old town you don’t need to be told where you should go on holiday.

Or do you? You might be thinking flying all the way to Bali, India or Malaysia for a spa break for example, but could there be a better holiday for you in Iceland, Yalta or even Budapest? Making a much shorter trip means less jetlag, less time in the scrubbed air of an aeroplane and more money to spend on our treatments and accommodation.

So, what are the top ‘Off The Track’ holidays for 2013?

Adventure Holidays

So, you went white water rafting in Canada and even bungee jumping in New Zealand. How about simply making it from one end of the road to the other? When that road is known as El Camino del Muerte or Death Road (OK so the map has it as North Yungas Road), a stretch of mountain pass which leads from La Paz to Coroico things start to get a little bit stickier.

The mountains are sheer on either side of the badly maintained, single lane highway. Rocks fall several hundred feet unimpeded onto the track and if they don’t block it, they fall
another couple of hundred feet into the valley floor.


The weather’s often foggy or it’s raining, the rain turns the surface to mud and erodes the surface even further, in addition to the passing cars and falling rocks. Single lane, falling to bits even more with every passing car and no guardrails, the road is responsible for several hundred deaths a year, simply surviving the trip earns you more kudos than any number of kitesurfing holidays.

History and Culture Holidays

Walking around the museums and galleries of the capital cities of Europe is a fine, instructional way of broadening your horizons. Byron and Milton, for two, were influenced by taking the Grand Tour and even Hemingway owed a lot of his development as a writer to his time in Europe. But why not look further afield?
Humans originally evolved in Africa and while we tend to regard Africa holidays as spotting the Big Five on safari there are many fascinating, almost completely unspoiled sites to explore offering an alternative take to our Eurocentric world view.

Remains such as Kerma, the ancient capital of the Nubian peoples can be visited and explored. Many of the artworks on display seem almost modern, surprising when you consider that many of them were created before Egyptian culture even started.

Relaxation Holidays

If you have a stressful lifestyle it’s nice just to break free and lounge around on a paradise island for a few weeks doing absolutely nothing but topping up your tan. While there are plenty of places in Europe where you can do just that you may find that almost everyone else in Europe had the same idea at exactly the same time. Time to get away. Why not take a trip over to an island that seems to have been almost specifically designed to be an exclusive sunshine get-away? Everyone knows about Jamaica’s reputation for miles of soft white beaches and laid back lifestyle and beaches family vacations resort in Ocho Rios is a beautiful resort and golf club and you can see from these following pictures:

A Fortnight’s Debauchery

Again, Spain seems perfect for this stunt. Cheap drinks all night and sleep it off by the pool all day. But how about something a little more classy? The Far East often sounds like an exciting alternative.
Ever since the Iron Curtain opened up many beautiful cities with healthy traditions of heavy drinking opened up to the tourist market. What with budget airlines flying throughout Europe for next to nothing every day and a strong exchange rate, places like Tallinn and Riga make good value destinations with cheap food, accommodation, vodka and beer. Plus, Riga is said to have the most beautiful girls in Europe. You’ve got to go, just to see if it’s true, right? Just remember to enjoy Latvia and Estonia responsibly!

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