Cheap holidays to Lanzarote provide a perfect summer destination for your annual vacation. Keep an eye on your spends with cheap package holiday deals and spend the leftovers on some awesome excursions like these following 5:

Timanfaya Volcano Park 
The most popular of Lanzarote’s attractions, this unique landscape offers visitors a look at desolation, with barren landscapes, chauffeured tours and a chance to capture some snapshots to help remember this beautifully sparse area of the world.

Submarine Safaris 
What better way to explore life under the Atlantic than in a £3.5million yellow submarine? Based in Puerto Calero, this is a perfect trip for adults and children alike. With two large viewing ports and 22 portals, you can be sure to catch all the action and not miss a thing as you dive to the ocean bed for over an hour.

Catlanza Catamaran Trip 
You can enjoy both thrills and relaxation on board the Catlanza, as you smoothly sail to the stunning beaches of Papagayo. Combine that with a free ride on the jet ski and plenty of opportunity to swim and snorkel in the warm azure waters, and you have yourself an idyllic excursion to keep everyone busy for the whole afternoon.

Chinijo Marine Reserve
Visit the unique Chinijo archipelago where the water is rich and the wildlife is rife. Your boat journey commences in Orzola and ends with a 3 course meal in Caleta del Sebo. Enjoy the opportunity to capture the natural beauty of birds and mammals in their natural, protected habitat.

Cueva de los Verdes 
Enjoy discovering one of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world; the Cueva de los Verdes is part of the monstrous 6km of lava tube and provides enormous interest to those who wander below the surface through the tunnel. Excellent lighting transforms the tunnels into a visual display gallery, but avoid if you’re at all claustrophobic!
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