First class has always seemed to be reserved for the rich and the executives who want to fly in luxury, yet the new rich are finding that even the amenities and indulgences of flying first class on commercial airlines cannot compare to those and other advantages of flying on a private jet.

Primarily, there is the freedom and convenience that no commercial airline can offer. You can never miss your flight as the crew will wait for you if you delayed. You can make changes at the last minute to your itinerary if needed, and it is even possible to change your flight plans while you are flying if necessary. There, however, many other reasons why the new rich are flying privately instead of flying first class.

Regardless of the many amenities and luxuries of flying first class such as more comfortable seats, upgraded service, personal attention and food and drink, one still has to follow the schedule of the commercial airline and be subjected to its typical problems. This means standing in line to check your luggage, undergoing a significant security check and then waiting again at the gate before being able to board the plane. In addition, there could be delays in take-off and landing, not to mention delays that can also be encountered if there is a stopover and a change in planes needs to be made. Using a private jet can save a significant amount of time over flying first class. Commercial airlines typically require being at the airport two hours before a flight leaves.

Flying a private jet means one can be at the airport only a half-hour before take-off. There are no lengthy lines for checking in, and your baggage is picked up directly and loaded onto the plane. The telephone number of the pilot is always provided so just as the plane will wait for a late arrival it can also leave early if that happens to be the case. Flying first class on a commercial airline can be an enjoyable experience but flying on a private jet can be a more memorable one. Not only are food and beverages served but the meals and drinks that meet one’s personal preferences are the only choices on the menu. This means that one can select the types of foods and meals that one wishes to have while in flight and not be limited to “chicken or beef.” In addition, the service is unparalleled and professional, giving a feeling of opulence to private jet travel that could not be experienced in first class.

Once a trip has been using private jets, even those who have become accustomed to first class will be reluctant to return to commercial jet travel, as you will be able to experience first-hand the benefits of travelling in a private jet. One matter that is often overlooked with regards to commercial air travel is that of pets. Frequently, the new rich consider their pet as part of their family and like to them along on their trip. Commercial airlines treat pets as luggage and place them in crates in the baggage compartment of the plane. This would be unthinkable for pet owners and so, with private jets, are able to take their pets with them in the cabin of the aircraft. There are some rules and regulations that need to be followed but at least one’s pet can have as enjoyable travel experience as his owner.

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