Located in the sun filled area of Alicante in Valencia in Spain, Benidorm is the resort coastal town. This is a 200 kilometres of white coastline which is a constituent of Costa Blanca that is surrounded by mountains in one side and contemporary infrastructures on the other.

With the increase in tourism traffic every year, the tourism industry has been developing its tourism facilities every year. It is now one of the most favored destinations for tourists from European countries who are looking for newer holiday destination from the traditional ones.

Just as the tourists enjoy the modern facilities of modernity in one side of the town, on the other side lies the old Spanish town that still retain the Spanish architecture along with the cobbled stone streets and lanes that could transport one to the olden days. The old town is known for its old world charms with fiestas in the summer where local art and products created by local artisans are showcased. Anything best in old Spanish in terms of restaurants, cuisines are found in this part of the old district.

Most of the tourists would like to spend their time in the area located between Poniente beach and Levante, which is the old town where there are cafes, artisan market and several Tapas bars. Another aspect of the old town is the cabaret acts and drags shows, which have been in existence for more than thirty years. The nightlife in this part of the town is very interesting.

Benidorm has three famous beaches which are different in its ambience and attract tourists for obvious reasons. These beaches are Poniente, Levante and Malpas. If you want to spend time with your family without being disturbed by bars and hotels on the beach front then Poniente is the ideal one as there are no such distractions on this beach.

On the other hand if you want a hot beach, then Levante is the one that has all the social life to fire up the beach with bars, cafes, restaurants and the flocks. And if you are a water sport enthusiast then Malpas will offer you load of water sports to make your holiday memorable.

In Benidorm are four theme parks that draw visitors not only from overseas but also people from other towns. These parks are interesting and attractive. For example, Terra Mitica which is filled with rides with vivid attractions that have been based on mythological themes from Rome, Atalacia, Greece, Iberia, Egypt and Ocionia. Then there is the Terra Natura park that is a combination of aqua and zoo that are open barrier where the visitors can meet nature face to face.

From 2010 the town started a musical fest that feature international as well as local music bands. This event has also been attracting a lot of visitors.

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