Sometimes in life, you just feel the need to get away from everyday life and go on a journey to learn more about yourself. That is why many people decide to travel with only themselves as company.  Backpacking tends to be one of the most popular ways to travel and there are actually quite a lot of benefits aside from this, some of which include making your own schedule, seeing the places you want to, and learning to become more independent.

Despite this, it can be refreshing to meet new people at will when you are in a new location. You have the option to be alone when you want, and join a group of others for certain situations where you want a bit of company. So if you are going to Vietnam and put yourself in the same boat as what is described above, you might be interested in how to meet people on your trip. Here are a few suggestions:

Book a private tour

If you really want to get the insider information during your trip, book yourself onto one of the private tours run by locals in Vietnam, instead of booking yourself onto one of the typical tourist trap tours.

A private tour will give you the opportunity to meet genuine residents who want to show you the best parts of where they live. In some situations, you may even end up meeting their friends and family, which will give you the insight into everyday life. You can’t really ask for much more when you are going culture-hunting abroad. The best place to look to start your research is, so make sure to visit the site to organise something before you leave home.

Stay in a hostel

Hostels are a great idea to keep your costs down when you are in Vietnam, but they can also be a brilliant place to meet fellow travellers. You should do a bit of research into the hostels in the areas you are staying, and then find out what room types they have available.

If you are keen to retain your sense of privacy, there are often smaller rooms as well as the typical dorms; these will cost a bit more but could be worth it if personal space is important to you. However you will still have the opportunity to meet people from all around the world when you are in the common room areas, as well as at breakfast.

Use social media

Bring your phone along on your trip (it is good for safety if not anything else) and connect to local Wi-Fi points so you don’t rack up a massive bill when you return home. You should be able to use Twitter to find people nearby just by searching hashtags, and you can see who has checked-in to various locations using Facebook (have a look at pages of local restaurants / hotels). With any luck you will be able to formulate a meet up one evening so you can all share stories about your trips thus far.

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