A collection of very sexy hotels from around the world. If you are looking for a sexy hotel for that dirty weekend or a special occasion like valentines day then these 5 hotels will hit the spot.
Hotel Pelirocco – Brighton
This establishment is included in every review of Britain’s sexiest hotels without fail. With room names like ‘Play Room’, ‘Absolut Love’, ‘The Pin Up Parlour’ and ‘Nookii’ this Brighton sleepover has put into flesh the connotations that come up with the two words ‘dirty weekend.’

It may not look like the sexiest hotel from the outside but on the inside Perlirocco has the perfect proportions of an absolute sexpot. The Play Room is the piece de resistance with huge round mirror above the central bed, a plunge bath and a dancing pole. If you are looking for subtly or romance, then don’t look here because this hotel is as cheekily blatant as they come.
Tuddenham Mill – Suffolk
For the more refined tastes, the converted mill is cosy and luxurious with exposed original beams and Joe Malone toiletries but is also clean and minimalist with no unnecessary ‘fluff.’

The generously proportioned stone baths and Egyptian cotton sheets beckon and if you could, you would probably spend the entire time you have in the hotel using them. Well, you would if it wasn’t for the excellent food provided by the hotels chef. You can’t even avoid the mouth watering dishes if you hide inside your room because home made biscuits have sneakily been put beside your pillows.
Chateau De Bagnols – South of France
I stayed in this hotel the first time after stumbling upon it whilst driving through the South of France. It was the singular most beautiful, romantic place I have been in my entire life.

It is one of the most expensive places I have ever stayed but after seeing the rooms and the view there was no way I could refuse. Voted one of the best hotels in the world, Tom Cruise and Bill Clinton are regular patrons. If you’re going to propose then this would be the perfect place, anywhere else would just not compare.

The Night – New York
If the rich and famous of Batman’s Gotham city were real, they would stay in a hotel like this. With a monster cable to hook your own iPod up to the Bose or Bang and Olufsen sound system you can enjoy your own sexy sounds or, if your music is a little out of date, request one of the hotels slick, already filled black iPod’s instead.

Decked out in furry fabric and black and white lacquer this hotel has the charm of a slick, rich late 1940’s New York. Imagine Tarentino’s Sin City with all off it’s sexiness but less of the colour.

The Witchery – Edinburgh

Danni Minogue has reportedly touted The Witchery as “the perfect lust-den” and I can report that the hotel certainly lives up to its compliment. Sumptuously decorated in velvet elegance the bedrooms have a Royal feel about them.

With champagne on arrival and a huge four poster bed there is no way this room is going to let you out of it before you have agreed to have a little nibble of romance and a large slice of fun. Talking of eating, the award winning Witchery restaurant over the road is the perfect and most sought after place to refuel before (or after) bed time. Enjoy!

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