The tropical water around the Maldives teams with marine life. Sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles and an amazing variety of coral all call these islands home. There are also an astounding 1,100 species of fish that live in the area.

This makes the Maldives an excellent destination for fishing, both for the locals (fishing is a mainstay of the local economy) and also for tourists who visit the beautiful island nation and want a slice of the action. If you’re interested in comparing flights to this paradise destination, search Maldives holidays with Thomson to get an idea for the going rate.

Maldives holidays, with exquisite spas and silky, sandy beaches, offer perfect relaxation. But if that doesn’t promise enough excitement, night fishing adventures are a thrilling alternative. For amateurs and aficionados alike, night fishing in the inky Indian Ocean is a magical experience that differs completely from day fishing trips; there’s a sense of quiet and tranquillity that only comes with still waters and dark skies.

Various resorts and companies in the Maldives organise crewed excursions in the evenings. Typical Maldivian sailing yachts (“dhoni”) set sail just as the sun is setting. At this time, the majority of other fishing boats are coming into shore. There’s a flurry of activity as fish are taken from the boats and sent off to market. However, because night fishing in the Maldives is more a recreational than a commercial activity, come the evening, calmness descends. In the warm glow of sunset, boats anchor near the atoll reef, sometimes in the lagoons, where the best selection of fish can be found. 
Depending on the boat and the company, either hand lines with raw fish bait or traditional Maldivian barbless hooks and bamboo rods are supplied. The crew, who often have a few good fishing tales to tell, generally supply all the bait, lines and hooks although some people choose to take their own, more modern equipment along too.

Everyone casts their lines over the side of the boat and waits for a bite. Catches usually consist of emperor fish, snapper, squirrelfish, barracuda and jacks to name but a few – a very different selection to the fish caught during the day. And there’s always the option to take a break from the fishing and just lie back on the slowly bobbing boat while the sky darkens and the stars begin to twinkle above.

Once everyone has had their fill of fishing, it’s time to eat. Some boats head back to firm land where the fresh fish is cooked the following night. Others offer a very special barbecue beneath the stars where a feeling of immense satisfaction is guaranteed, eating freshly caught fish in the warm, moonlit outdoors – magic!

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