Planning to have a fun-filled family vacation to New Zealand, but with a tight budget on which you need not dig deep into your funds? Here are some tips:

Background on New Zealand

New Zealand, is most certainly a family-friendly vacation destination. A destination that kids would surely remember with fondness and joy. It is a relatively small country, divided into two main island groups; North and South both with unique travel/vacation spots.

New Zealand’s weather and climate are major factors to consider. Land transport options including trains, buses and taxis are aplenty making travel between points of interest especially easy and affordable for you and your family.

Car rental travel experts (like Realistic Rental Cars) and consultants in New Zealand are available and can make your vacation less stressful, whilst giving you the freedom to road trip NZ and plan your own route. Make sure however, they are licensed and accredited who could give you expert advice.


The choices on where to go are wide and varied – from nature-based activities to thrill-seeking adventures to animal and wildlife experiences. Camping, kayaking, bungee-jumping, whale-watching, biking-hiking in mountain trails – are just some thrilling options.

Here are some suggestions on brilliant things to see and do in New Zealand which don’t cost the earth:

Geothermal activities 

Watch in awe at sky-high geysers, bubbling mud pools, and hearing hissing sounds of steam from underneath the earth,


From pristine coastlines, vast dairy farm lands, magnificent vistas to glaciers, ice-capped mountaintops – New Zealand’s landscape is as diverse as it is captivating.


Visit the film location and set of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.


Maoris – Of course, a New Zealand vacation is not complete without getting up close and personal with the Maoris watch a live performance of a Haka War Dance, for example.


A good trip starts with great planning after all this is a family vacation not backpacking on a whim – Planning months ahead will keep your expenses down.

In vacation planning, only pleasant surprises are allowed. Booking your travel and accommodations months in advance could cut your expenses up to 50%, plus discounts for kids especially for theme parks, food and lodging.

Avoid unpleasant surprises like bloated budgets, travel-related illnesses or worse, accidents and emergencies, unnecessary insurance expenses, and more.

When is the best time?

Note well that New Zealand (NZ) – like its neighbouring country Australia – has 4 seasons. But unlike in the Americas, summer months in NZ are December to February. So if you or your family wants lots of summer, sunbathing and beach activities – these are the months to go.

You would however, be competing with the locals for space and attention, so make some scheduling adjustments if necessary.

New Zealand, like Great Britain, is relatively a small country. Allotting at least a week or two, or even up to a month if budget permits – can allow you to see major spots in either the North or South Islands.

Here’s wishing you and your family the best on your planned, and hopefully safe, stress-free, and enjoyable family vacation.

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