The six degrees of separation is a theory that was derived by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929. According to this theory, no human is ever farther than six degrees away from another by means of an introduction, hence interconnecting all of us to one another and making us much closer than we think.

Mercure Hotels wants to test this theory and bring humans closer together, so they’ve launched #6FriendsTheory – a campaign that will invite a selected candidate to travel the world to meet an Aboriginal from the Bundjalung tribe in Australia.

Before that, however, they’ll fly to six other unique destinations across the globe and encounter a new individual in each one, linking them closer to the Aboriginal after each encounter, and thus proving the theory that we are no more than six degrees away from each other.

Six destinations. Six encounters. Six Mercure hotels. One unforgettable adventure. The contest is open to anyone, and Mercure encourages all interested participants to apply via their Facebook page in January 2015.

The Mercure “The Six Friend’s Theory” casting page on Facebook:

Before you decide to enter, you may want to check out this video posted on Mercure’s YouTube channel that further describes the message behind “The Six Friend’s Theory” campaign. The video can be found here:

Once you’re sure you want to enter, head over to the Facebook casting page and post a video that explains why you think you’re the best friend in the world. Describe your personality, motivations and passions, your biggest dreams in life, projects you dedicate yourself to, etc.

Once your video has been posted, the 50 candidates with the most likes will be chosen for the final recruitment phase of the campaign, where a six person jury will then select the winner after a final interview and send them on the journey of a lifetime.

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