Tiger beer have partnered with Vice Magazine to reward users for the curiosity with a series of cool videos introducing awesome unknown artists and bands in and around London called Know The Not Known. The first, and arguably the coolest of these videos is that of Lightship 95 – a floating recording studio. 5 years ago, Ben Phillips bought a 500 tonne moored vessel in East London. Whilst such a junk of metal is a common sight for thousands of coastal sailors, it is less so for the bands and artists who turn up to the ship to record their albums!
Cool Pictures of  Lightship 95

Phillips and the Lightship95 crew have spent these last few years turning the red trawler into a practice space, recording studio and production suite.

The guys live on there too. Vice went onboard with the captain and his crew to discover one of the most innovative live-in music spaces in London, and speak to the Lightship95 collective about preserving a maritime icon as well as forging a new direction for the East London music scene.
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Viral video by ebuzzing

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