I always enjoy going away on a stag weekend, but I must admit the thought of paying out so much money can sometimes put a downer on things. However, after organising one for my best friend, I came to realise this needn’t be the way.

There are plenty of tricks I picked up along the way that helped to slash costs – and an affordable stag party is bound to put a smile on everyone’s face. First and foremost, don’t forget to spread the cost of the groom-to-be’s place around the rest of the group.

It’s always a nice touch when the stag doesn’t have to pay for himself, but don’t hastily send out texts and emails to the lads before realising this. Otherwise, you run the risk of inundating them with messages by having to correct the previous final total, which isn’t a great start to the planning process!

My next piece of advice is to go for as cheap accommodation as possible. A stag weekend isn’t the time to get snobby about where you sleep – after all, you really won’t be spending much time there! As long as it’s clean, in a convenient location and has enough beds for everyone, it ticks all of the boxes for me anyway!
If you really want to stretch your money as far as possible, consider a hostel. Some have rooms big enough to fit all of you in, and you might even manage to snag a space for less than £20 a night each. Hostels also tend to be located right in the centre of a city, so you might also avoid having to fork out for a taxi after your night out.

Speaking of transport, a minibus is an affordable way of getting your stags to and from your intended destination. This helps to avoid arguments about how much people should pay for petrol, as well as who should drive. It might also be the safer option if you have a heavy night and would rather not be in control of a vehicle the following morning!

You’ll probably also find everyone is easier to organise if you’ve got a designated pickup point and time. I’ve found that since people have already paid for their seat on the minibus, they’re less likely to turn up late as they won’t want their money to go to waste.

Another top tip is to prioritise. This is perhaps the best piece of advice I can offer, as it’s easy to get caught up in all of the little details which can quickly mount to expensive proportions. Quality rather than quantity is key here, so if your stag loves nothing more than moving from pub to pub, ask everyone to put a large chunk of their cash into a kitty you can all dip into.

Similarly, if your friend or relative is an adrenaline junkie and prefers to be outdoors rather than propping up a bar, this is where the majority of your money should go. You’ll probably find things a little easier if you use an ABTA and ATOL-backed stag weekend company such as Maximise.

You can find out more about it here, but basically they’ll offer you great discounts for booking everything through them, and if a problem arises, you’re financially protected. You’ll also have someone at the other end of the phone to speak to throughout the planning process and beyond.

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