Planning for a cool holiday can take up a lot of your time, but something that you also need to consider when traveling is how you can take care of yourself when on the road. This includes your crowning glory, your hair. Traveling to different locations, and being exposed to all kinds of weather while on the road can take a toll on your hair, but with a few simple tips you can manage your tresses even while on the go.

Pack the essentials
Be sure to pack your hair arsenals when traveling. However be sure to store them in easy to carry containers, kept in zip lock plastics, and in accordance to airport rules. You certainly don’t want any of your hair products being tossed in a bin!

And while you may have 2 or 3 choices for a certain hair product, you can choose your most effective one to be able to pack light and minimize your baggage.

When it comes to shopping for hair products for your travels, UK high streets such as Dorothy Perkins, Marks and Spencer and ASOS stock all the essentials.

Consider a trim
If you are already planning to have a hair cut, doing so before flying can be the best time.

With a less demanding do, you can take care of your hair easier plus you’ll be sporting a new look while on the road, an instant mood booster!

Make most out of your hotel room
Before going off, you are sure to have inquired about your hotel room. In planning your travel, you can look for hotels with dryers included, as in most cases.

This will help you determine if you still need to pack your own dryer. However if you do not trust any dryer other than your own or that of the salon, make sure to pack a light weight dryer.

Don’t forget the hat
Hats, caps or beenies, depending on the place you are going can be a tremendous help for your hair. Not only do they protect your hair, you can also hide the not so attractive state of your hair in case you are still adjusting to local weather.

If you’re traveling for fun, don’t think too much about your hair. Just relax, the people you encounter are probably far less concerned about your hair than you are.
Happy Traveling!

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