Are you looking to spend your next break taking things easy? While you might believe the answer to that question is an obvious yes, I think it’s worth bearing in mind that not all destinations are ideally suited for those seeking rest and relaxation. Visit Shropshire, however, and you’ll be in line to have a truly peaceful getaway.
As it is one of the quieter counties in the UK, Shropshire offers plenty of opportunities to escape the stress and strain of fast-paced modern life, which is something that you might not always be able to do if you choose to visit a large city on holiday.

If relaxing is one of your main priorities on your next break, I think it’s a good idea to spend some time connecting with nature. One place where you can certainly do this is the Dorothy Clive Garden. Established in 1940, this wonderful attraction incorporates a woodland garden and alpine scree and you’ll soon feel at one with your natural surroundings.

Among the many species of flowers and plants you’ll come across as you walk through the attraction are azaleas, rhododendrons and tulips, while the onsite cafe serves a range of delicious homemade food. In the landscaped gardens surrounding Benthall Hall in Broseley, meanwhile, you can go on a leisurely stroll and take in the sight of beautiful orchids and primroses.

Although there are lots of tourist attractions where you can see Shropshire’s natural beauty, it is just as possible to do this from the comfort of the accommodation you are staying in. While the county has a diverse range of high-quality properties for guests, I think those who really want to relax should consider booking glamping accommodation.

The county is one of the top glamping destinations in the UK and you’ll have scope to stay in vintage caravans and wagons situated in the heart of the countryside. From here, you can look out for miles around and take in the sight of green fields and trees. You might even catch a glimpse of woodland creatures such as badgers roaming around in the wild.

However, it’s not just the opportunity to connect with nature that makes Shropshire a great holiday destination – but also it boasts a great range of attractions and activities.

I find playing a round of golf is a good way to take my mind off things, so, if you feel the same way, I advise you take a trip to the Henlle Park Golf Club. This award-winning resort features a 6,026 yard 18-hole course set within 130 acres of Georgian-style parkland. As you play, you’ll get to gaze out at majestic trees and pretty lakes. Make sure you aren’t distracted by the scenery though, otherwise it might damage your overall score.

Cycling enthusiasts will also find plenty of appealing courses while on a break in Shropshire. While there are routes suitable for families and relatively inexperienced cyclists, if you want something that is particularly challenging you should follow the Jack Mytton Way. Stretching some 72 miles, this off-road course will see you go along the Welsh borders and Wenlock Edge, which is regarded as one of the most fossil-rich areas in the entire country.

Those wanting something slightly less intensive should take the 11km Lady Halton Loop, a circular course that takes you along some of the most historic attractions in and around Ludlow. Among these is the Bromfield Church, Oakly Park and Ludlow Castle, which dates back to the Norman era.

If you’re planning on having a glamping break in Shropshire, please leave a comment and let us know what you intend to do there!

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