Showcasing pictures of Frigiliana, a favorite for relaxing holidays in Spain. The white-walled Moorish village clinging to the craggy slopes is engagingly pretty. Its steep, narrow streets evoke a purer past and invite idle exploration shaded from the blistering Andalucian sun. In the distance, the magnificent peaks of the Sierra Nevada beckon with the allure of cooler mountain air. Beneath you, the end of a long and winding road, the Mediterranean stretches seductively to far horizons beneath a canopy of cloudless blue sky.

Frigiliana by day
Frigiliana by night

Frigiliana is perched precipitously on the rocky slopes of the Sierras de Tejeda foothills. It is a little north of the historic seaside settlement of Nerja, and some 40 miles east of Malaga. But in Frigiliana, you seem to be a million miles from the strips of high-rise hotels and sprawling residential developments that spoil much of the Costa del Sol. No wonder this part proclaims itself ‘the real Spain’. Check out the pictures just to show how lovely it is.


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  1. Frigiliana is truly a picturesque town and becomes the most tourist destination. Sadly, we haven’t visit there before, thanks for sharing beautiful pictures album. We will think about visit to this place during next trip and have a wondered that where we should stay? I mean which hotels do you recommend us for stay?

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