Forget WiFi internet access and cable TV – the hotel rooms of the future are decked out in the gadgetry galore. We’re talking screens behind the bathroom mirrors and surface interfaces for computing. This is the geeky traveller’s dream accommodation.

Hotel Room of the Future
The Hotel Hospitality and Design expo (to be held in Sydney for 2011) features a unique Hotel Room of the Future that gives exhibitors the opportunity to demo the latest technology available in the hospitality industry. Last year’s room of the future catered to technophiles with more ways to plug in, turn on and get surfing than ever. With so many interactive features – you’d be hard pressed to find any time for actual “holidaying”.

Some of the most unique room features include:

  • Set the mood – guest can control every aspect of their room including the colour of the lighting. Give your room a night club feel with blue hues or set the mood for romance and some red lit passion. 
  • Double take – think you’re checking out your reflection in the bathroom mirror? The mirrors actually morph into TV screens so you can stay up to date on the latest stock prices while you’re in the shower.

    • Fold out gym – too lazy to go to the hotel gym for your workout? (Ironic much). The hotel room of the future includes a foldaway kinetic machine in the walls, so your full gym workout is ready right in your room!
    • Mini bar security – the snazzy technology isn’t just for the guests. For those that are used to “replacing” mini bar items before they check out – the hi-tech mini bar reads what guests have consumed with a built in touch monitor.

    In this following video, Dr. Neil and Ted Horner speak about the opportunities for Microsoft Surface in the hospitality industry.

    While the hotel room of the future may not be on offer in the near future, there are plenty of hotels already stepping up to offer the latest state of the art technology to their guests. Even cheap accommodation in Perth will offer free internet and WiFi connectivity throughout the premises, hi-speed Ethernet – with some premises even offering exclusive hotel deals, giving their guests the use of smart phones during their stay.

    The Tribeca Grand in New York has a dedicated iStudio room for all things Apple and of course, many will offer gaming systems like Wiis and Xboxes galore.

    What gadgets and technology do you want in your accommodation?

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