If you have been looking for a new destination for a holiday then look no further than Latin America, with a continent so large each country really has its own personality so each place will make a holiday special in a different way.

One great place to visit is actually Uruguay and you may be interested that there are actually a number of fantastic casinos for you to visit while looking around the spectacular country. The best of all these casinos is called the Conrad, it is a casino that is grand in every respect with all the décor being stunning and classy just like a casino in Monte Carlo. 

Within the casino itself there is plenty of room to play your favourite games with over seventy tables to play at, and this is not all as there are actually over six hundred slot machines also making for a staggering amount of games to play when you walk in. 

Something interesting about the casino is that it only accepts US dollars for all the games rather than the local currency, in order to do this the casino has its own exchange office where you can swap your money and winnings between currencies. It is not uncommon for Latin American countries to accept USD in shops as they value the currency greatly.

If you are looking for something a little less grand but just as much fun then check out the Nogaró, as it is a medium sized casino when compared to the Conrad. This casino however does have a good number of games for you to play and enjoy though and makes for a great stopping off point while on holiday in Uruguay. 
Playing online at sites such as iPadcasino.ca can never compare to the real thing so why not check out Latin Americas casinos, you’ll be impressed with what you find.

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