We love sandcastles and spotted this infographic created by woolacombe.co.uk in Devon which was where we saw the 2012 UK national sandcastle competition take place. As we live not far from Devon in Cornwall, it was a great day out and our boys especially loved some of the amazing dragon sandcastles.

Sand sculptures is probably a better name for them with the amount of artistic talent that goes into them…and many of them were not castles!

You can win a holiday for up to 6 people by taking a photograph or video of your best sandcastle and emailing it to: sandcastle@woolacombe.com

The infographic below also shows other locations for sandcastle competitions around the world, from the US to Australia. There’s also some cool facts in there such as the tallest sandcastle ever made is an amazing 11.53 metres high (37ft 10 inches)! Here is a picture of that very sandcastle:

How to Build the Perfect Sandcastle

This slightly geeky video will give you a few tips on how to create the perfect sandcastle:

For more information on the UK National Sandcastle Competition visit http://www.sandcastle.org.uk

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