The Best Cities in the Pacific Northwest for an Adventure Holiday

If you like action and adventure with your vacation, you might want to consider a trip out to the epic Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The States are best known for amazing cities like New York and Los Angeles, but it is also an incredibly beautiful and diverse land. This is particularly evident in the Pacific Northwest where you will find lush green spaces, towering mountains, sparkling streams and a stunning coastline. It also has a handful of terrific cities to explore too. Be sure to check out these cool cities for a great Pacific Northwest adventure, which can be arranged by specialists like Grand American Adventures. Here are three cities in the Pacific Northwest we recommend that are great playgrounds for those into a bit of adventure. Portland Located in the picturesque state of Oregon, Portland is a city that is rapidly growing in popularity with tourists. It is…

Great Ways To Stay Active On Your Holiday

When a lot of people think of travel, they think of lazing around. At times, we’d all like to lie back on a beach and fell all our worries melt away. But what if you like to stay active, no matter what? There are a number of ways you can make sure to stay active during your holidays. Looking back on your previous journeys and regretting how lazy you were? You may just be choosing the wrong trips. Many people prefer to simply book hotels and make their trip as they go along. This usually ends up with you surrounded by unhealthy food and sun beds, so it’s easy to slip into bad habits! Here are just a few good suggestions on staying active on your holiday.   There are many agencies which you can use to book active breaks for the family, and ensure that you all get the…