Top 10 cool things to do in Switzerland

Featuring 10 cool things to do when on holiday in Switzerland. Switzerland is a fascinating country with so much history, culture and of course natural beauty. Here are 10 things we highly recommend you try out when in Switzerland. 1. Hiking Enjoying the scenery in Switzerland is the number one thing to do. With more than 48,300km of marked hiking trails and stunning scenery at every turn, hiking in Switzerland is a must do. For fresh air, this is the place to be! Everything you need for your hiking needs can be found along with many lovely restaurants and hotel or bed and breakfast along the way catering for all budgets. For those not a fan of hiking, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy a simple walk to take in the stunning scenery and fresh air anytime of the year. Even in winter time, there are beautiful walks you can take…

9 Of The Best Desert Holiday Destinations For 2016

Let’s face it; there are plenty of holiday destination ideas that one can consider. An increasingly popular way to spend some time relaxing is on a desert holiday, believe it or not. And, despite what you might think, that doesn’t mean “roughing it” in the middle of a sand dune!  More people want to visit arid destinations in search of a different holiday experience. They don’t want to go to the same tourist traps that others seek out. If you feel like doing something different for your next holiday, this blog post is for you. The following are nine examples of arid destinations you could visit this year:   1. The Sahara Desert Morocco is perhaps the most accessible country that the Sahara spans. It’s also a popular tourist destination. If you want a site where you can learn more about the Sahara, here it is! Given the political situation in…