Travel Guide To Picos De Europa National Park

On the borders of Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León, Picos De Europa is arguably the most beautiful national park in Spain. Certainly the most dramatic, with 300 square miles of largely untouched, unspoilt landscapes which contrast with their surroundings quite spectacularly. The Picos De Europa national park features deep vertical gorges, rocky mountains that peak at over 8,000 feet above sea level, sprawling forests, glistening lakes and endless opportunities for adventure. A Few Facts About the Picos De Europa The mountain range itself is the third highest in Spain Some of the mountains have vertical drops of more than 2,300m There are 200+ peaks at over 2,000m above sea level The park is relatively compact – around 25% the size of the UK’s Lake District The world’s sixth deepest cave can be found in the park – the Torca del Cerro at 1,598m deep Some shaded areas remain covered in snow 365…

The World’s Top 10 Surfing Destinations

Surfing holidays are one of those experiences that can quickly get addictive. When you’ve had your first taste of the waves, you might find yourself going back for more and more. This list is for those who would like to get that first taste as well as those who are already great surf lovers looking for new, exciting destinations. Just make sure you’re prepared for your surfing holiday.  1) San Sebastian, Spain This is the perfect destination for beginners to surfing with a great urban environment with lots to do and lots of surf schools available offering lodging too so you can really dive into it. The waves at San Sebastian are steady and consistent in the summer. Just be careful going in the winter months as waves can get over fifteen feet tall! Before you go though, consider this guide to getting your perfect first surfboard. Surfers can load up the…