Travel Planning


5 Tips to Choose the Right Annual Travel Insurance

Most frequent travellers opt for annual travel insurance policies as they are designed for those who travel several times a year, with 31 consecutive days per trip. It’s usually good for 365 days from the date of purchase, so if you are out on several trips per year, it’s advisable that you get an annual travel insurance policy. If you go on at least 4 trips a year, you will save by getting annual travel insurance. This is by far a more practical approach versus purchasing single trip travel insurance to cover you each time your travel. Here are 5 tips when choosing the right travel insurance for you. 1. Check to see the duration of the coverage. It pays to check the duration of the annual travel insurance coverage. The most common duration is twelve months from the date of the purchase. You also need to check your travel…

Home security for the modern traveller

There’s no place like home. However, the lure of warmer climates, exotic foods and pink sand beaches can be much more appealing as research shows approximately 74% Brits up sticks to go abroad each year*. But have you thought about how your home and belongings will be secured while you’re away? You’re probably used to hearing the age-old home security methods, such as ensuring your locks are British Standard, cancelling the post so it doesn’t pile up at the door, and setting your lights on a timer to give the illusion that somebody is home. However, with the growth of the smart home, more and more individuals are turning to connected security devices for that added peace of mind. As a result, the security experts at Yale have compiled a list their top tips for using connected security products for those of us who just can’t switch off. Connected Smart…