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5 Things To Do in Orlando for Less Than $100

Orlando is widely known for being the home to Universal Studios and Disney World, and every summer families from across the country make the trip to see these incredible theme parks. You don’t have to spend theme park money to have a great time in Orlando, though. If you want a Florida vacation but don’t want to drop the dime on Disney, then take a look at five awesome things you can do in the city for less than $100. 1. Lake Eola Located right in the heart of downtown Orlando, Lake Eola Park is a picturesque attraction with tons of activities for the entire family. It’s home to a resident population of swans — which you can feed — in addition to concerts in the Walt Disney Amphitheater. The park also features the Relax Grill and swan-shaped paddleboats so you can go out on the lake itself. Activities…

10 Cheapest Places To Go On Holiday

There are two things every holidaymaker wants when they go abroad: good weather and low cost. Out of the two, the cost is probably the most important part of your holiday. With that in mind, here at Travelphant we’ve listed 10 places that offer amazing holiday experiences whilst being affordable. Vietnam Vietnam may be rising in popularity, but the cost is still very low at the moment. It is plausible to get by on $5 a day. While you are there, make sure try the local beer. It is some of the best around, and it only costs 50 cents! Cambodia Staying in South-East Asia, Cambodia is your next stop. Like Vietnam, it is a great place for backpackers and travellers. Also, it is a hotspot for holidaymakers looking for some five-star luxury without the price tag. Sihanoukville, in particular, is a very thrifty option for those of you without…