10 Coolest Road Trips in Europe

We Brits are privileged to have some of the most spectacular driving routes in the world right there on our doorstep. You can rant and rave about Route 66 all you like, but check out just a sample of what Europe has to offer and you won’t be disappointed.  Make sure your car is ready for the road trip; giving your car a service is always a good idea to make sure oil and tyres are all ready for the journey ahead. You can of course buy much of what you need online from websites such as So if you’re planning to hit the road anytime soon in search of the most incredible driving routes in Europe, you will go far with any of these tend top picks: 1. Amalfi Coast in Italy Drive along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and visit the charming towns of Positano, Ravello, and Salerno.…

Infographic of the best driving roads in Europe

I’m a big fan of scenic driving routes, road trips and all things adventure related so when I recently came across this infographic of the best driving roads in Europe created by, I wanted to share it. From The Highlands to The Alps, this infographic features some of the most stunning and challenging roads in Europe including the Stelvio Pass, Susten Pass and Route 500 through the Black Forrest in Germany. Drive on!

Top 10 cool things to do in Switzerland

Featuring 10 cool things to do when on holiday in Switzerland. Switzerland is a fascinating country with so much history, culture and of course natural beauty. Here are 10 things we highly recommend you try out when in Switzerland. 1. Hiking Enjoying the scenery in Switzerland is the number one thing to do. With more than 48,300km of marked hiking trails and stunning scenery at every turn, hiking in Switzerland is a must do. For fresh air, this is the place to be! Everything you need for your hiking needs can be found along with many lovely restaurants and hotel or bed and breakfast along the way catering for all budgets. For those not a fan of hiking, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy a simple walk to take in the stunning scenery and fresh air anytime of the year. Even in winter time, there are beautiful walks you can take…

Guide to the Greek Island of Sifnos

I’m lucky enough to have holidayed on a few of the Greek islands and found that each Greek island has its own unique charms. For those looking to slow things down to a blissful crawl, nowhere comes close to the Greek island of Sifnos. Sifnos is widely regarded as the single most stunning Island of the Cyclades and until recently was overlooked by holidaymakers. The result is a beautiful relaxed setting where low-key night-life, beautiful beaches and an air of true relaxation await. Or in other words, it’s a world away from the crowded, cramped and chaotic tourist resorts much of Greece is synonymous with during the summer. Accommodation in Sifnos  As with most of Greece, accommodation options range from the spectacularly cheap to sheer luxury with all bases covered in-between and Sifnos is no different in that respect. Verina Sifnos is one example of luxury holidays in Greece with a handful of stunning boutique…