Beautiful travel pictures collection of Bora Bora, a dream paradise island just 160 miles northwest of Tahiti. National Geographic is always our first port of call for stunning photography of the French Polynesia Islands and here are a selection of their best Bora Bora pictures, which also make stunning computer desktop wallpapers.

John Miranda Bora Bora Travel Photos
A collection of photos taken from photographer John Miranda on his 2008 trip to French Polynesia.

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Bob Chamberlin Bora Bora Photos
L.A. Times photographer Bob Chamberlin caught both sides of this island where ultra-luxurious hotels have sprouted in the past few years, all designed to lure the world’s most affluent travelers to this fabled South Pacific island. Here are some of his photos capturing the beauty of Bora Bora…

More stunning Bora Bora Pictures

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